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Wirewax Review: The Best Interactive Video Platform

Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Wirewax Review: The Best Interactive Video Platform

Online shopping has become quite popular over the last decade. Most people prefer purchasing items online instead of going to a physical store.

We feel that this online culture trend will stay if the market statistics are anything to go by. Brands and influencers add audio-visual elements into their platforms to promote products. As a result, commercial video marketing strategy has gained immense popularity among small and large businesses. 

However, every minute there are over 500 hours worth of videos uploaded to YouTube. Millions of users engage more with video platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels. Therefore, it has become highly essential for brands to level up their content marketing strategies. They can incorporate engaging videos in their promotion strategy to get the audience’s attention. 

Interactive videos have proven more effective and advantageous than written advertisements. They help businesses establish interpersonal relationships with their consumers. Videos also help establish a wider audience and engage website visitors with dynamic and interactive content. 

Wirewax is an interactive video platform that helps make your videos more engaging by adding hotspots for emphasis. It simplifies the process of making high-quality and engaging videos with just a few simple clicks. 

Keep reading on if you want to learn more about Wirewax and how it works! We’ll talk more about every aspect of this interactive video maker in this Wirewax review. It will be a great asset to your business.

What is Wirewax?

Wirewax review

Dan Garraway and Steve Callanan co-founded Wirewax in October 2009. The company has its base in London, United Kingdom. However, Vimeo acquired the company in November 2021. The vision was to provide business platforms with a better way of succeeding commercially. With Wirewax, you can introduce eye-catching video elements to your marketing strategies.

Wirewax allows you to separate yourself from the competition by giving you a profound toolset to boost your video content. It helps you add hotspots and overlays to crucial points in your videos to provide the viewer with more information.

The interactive video maker platform also allows you to add a branching structure to your videos. You can link the inserted hotspots with keyframes to achieve this. This feature creates a more personalized experience for your viewers. It also ensures they are directed to the content they want to know more about.

Here’s how to use Wirewax,
  • You have to upload your video file from your storage or paste URLs for any video from video streaming platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. 
  • The primary step is adding interactive hotspots to your video. Hotspots are interactive touchpoints inserted during specific time frames of your video. They include links, tips, or background information on what the video is about. You can add stationary hotspots or sticky hotspots. Sticky hotspots stick to the moving objects, people, or products in the video and track their motion.
  • Once you have created your interactive video, you can either embed it onto your website or your social media platforms. Luckily for you, Wirewax is an officially recognized marketing partner of many social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.This would give a certain leg-up to any videos you create using the story maker while marketing your business or brand on those platforms.
  • Wirewax also provides you with the feature of tracking real-time performance analytics of your videos. The tool draws up easy statistics through extensive charts, graphs, and information metrics.

Who Uses Wirewax?

It is time to know who uses the tool in our Wirewax review

  • Those who want to increase their interaction with their viewership use Wirewax. This includes businesses, individual influencers, organizations, brands, retailers, and publishers.
  • If you want to make creative and out-of-the-box commercial videos, you can use Wirewax. You can also include links to the advertised products inside the video. The links will allow the viewers to add the items to their cart directly.
  • Wirewax also helps publishers and blogs promote engagement. Their sponsored ad units get more revenue.
  • It is also beneficial for anyone looking to make entertaining videos for their YouTube channels. Interactive videos hold the audience’s attention longer than linear videos.

Wirewax Features

Let’s look at the features of the tool in our Wirewax review.

It has several features that you can use to make your videos great. Here’s a quick brief on them: 

Automatic face and object detection

Wirewax helps transform a conventional video into an interactive, connected video. Its AI feature automatically detects people and objects through the video metadata tool. The AI identifies faces and objects and adds recognized or suggested tags. You can deactivate the automated tags if you don’t want them. 


A hotspot can let you jump straight to another part of the video, creating a multi-dimensional pathway. It leads the consumers to the information they require. It can also open up other overlays that provide the viewer with additional content and media. Creating hotspots in a video promoting a product can incentivize many consumers to add the product to their shopping carts. 


Overlays are another significant feature of Wirewax. You can add overlays to the video through a hotspot or a time-controlled trigger. The trigger pops up automatically while the viewer is watching. Overlays help add further information and context. You can include text, images, shapes, and animations as part of the overlay. Wirewax has a library of pre-designed overlay templates that users can access and include in their videos.

Addition of real-time info using API

The Live Elements feature allows you to add real-time information to your overlays directly from your API. This feature saves you the time and resources you would have spent manually updating all the information.

Self-hosted packages

Additionally, you can host these videos from your servers by self-hosted packages. These packages contain codes that help make the video interactive. You can set up these codes on your server. 

You can also ask for 1:1 sessions with the Wirewax support team.

As you can see, Wirewax is an excellent interactive video maker! Sadly, it does not have any free plans that you can opt for. However, it does offer three paid plans that you can browse from and see if they fit your needs!

We have listed all the pricing options for you in this Wirewax review.

Wirewax Pricing Plans

Wirewax has 3 different paid plans that vary in features and usability. You can choose from them according to your needs – 

pricing plan wirewax

1. Enterprise T1

  • This is recommended for small to large businesses requiring enterprise-grade tools, service, and support. It also gives the ability to customize platform elements and self-host video experiences.
  • The monthly price plan is $1,999.
  • You can make unlimited videos and add 1-5 users to this plan. 
  • It contains all of the essential features of the toolset, along with some additional ones like Player API and legal and security reviews. However, you cannot access the Live Elements feature in this plan.
  • You are allowed only 1 one-on-one session with the Wirewax creative team.

2. Enterprise T2

  • This is recommended for medium to large businesses requiring enterprise-grade tools, services, and support. 
  • This plan allows you to exercise some flexibility in decisions regarding platform integrations.
  • The monthly price plan is $4,999.
  • You can make unlimited videos and add 1-10 users to this plan.
  • It contains all of the features outlined in the T1 plan and some additional ones. You can also access the Live Elements feature in this plan.
  • You can grab up to 2 one-on-one sessions with the Wirewax creative team in this plan.

3. Enterprise T3

  • This is recommended for large businesses requiring enterprise-grade tools, services, and support.
  • You can also exercise complete flexibility in decisions regarding platform, players, and metrics integrations.
  • The monthly price plan is $9,999.
  • You can make unlimited videos and add more than 10 users.
  • It contains all the full-fledged features that the Wirewax toolset offers.
  • In this plan, you can access up to 4 one-on-one sessions with the Wirewax creative team to get advice.
  • Additionally, you get the extra feature of Assisted Videos in this plan. The Assisted Videos feature lets you get assistance from the Wirewax creative department.

How Useful is Wirewax?

Wirewax is a phenomenal platform that allows businesses to realize the  full potential of their online platforms. It helps generate more revenue, convert more leads, gather a wider audience, and make more sales.

It helps brands increase their viewers’ purchase intent and converts leads by making exciting and eye-catching commercial videos.

Wirewax has also helped universities make onboarding videos for new students. These videos are branched into different narratives. They allow the student to click on the options that suit their needs. 

This interactive AI video generator assists small-time blogs in generating revenue from their sponsorships. It helps them create engaging sponsored ad units.

The interactive video phenomenon now dominates the YouTube and social media spectrum. Influencers and public figures use such videos to garner more viewership for their content and promote their merchandise.

Wirewax Pros and Cons

We provide you with a list of pros and cons of this toolset in our Wirewax review –


  • Wirewax is an easy-to-use tool and helps you create interactive videos that help boost your business with just a few simple clicks!
  • Wirewax does most of the work in the video creation itself by recommending automated tags, hotspots, and outlays. It is up to you to decide whether to utilize these suggestions or not.
  • Even the lowest of the three paid plans covers all of the essential features. Hence, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the important stuff.
  • The most significant benefit is that Wirewax is equipped to cover every style of interactive video in the market. So, you would have a broad range of functionalities to choose from.


  • Alas, all the plans that Wirewax provides are paid. Therefore, you can’t try out the toolset for free before committing to it.
  • The pricing points are too high. Many small-time businesses or influencers looking to make interactive videos would not be able to use Wirewax.

Wirewax Alternatives

If you’re still apprehensive about whether Wirewax is the right interactive video maker platform for you, don’t worry! We have compiled some alternatives for you in this Wirewax review –

1. PlayStory


PlayStory is a tool that allows you to create interactive and engaging videos in a few simple steps. It makes the video-making process very easy. It has a  wide variety of interactive features. PlayStory has four pricing plans – Free, Growth ($59/month), Pro ($99/month), and Enterprise (customizable).

Accelerate video marketing with PlayStory – Sign up!

2. Adventr


Adventr allows you to combine multiple videos and create a branching video journey for your viewers. This tool also has the option to view insider analytics. You can use those video metrics to improve your performance and embed your Adventr videos on your website or blog. You can also feature them on your social media platforms. Adventr has four plans: Creative (free), Pro ($29/month), Business ($99/month), and Enterprise (customizable).

3. Verse


Verse is an interactive video maker tool that improves your videos’ quality. It uses elements like branching, hotspots, dynamic content generation, and transformation. It has the feature of automated translation and subtitles. This tool supports a variety of different languages. It also creates 360-degree and vertical videos. Verse has three packages: Personal ($100/month), Professional ($1,000/month), and Enterprise (customizable).

Make Use of Wirewax Now!

We have reached the end of our comprehensive Wirewax review and have talked at length about this interactive video maker platform. In our Wirewax review, we looked into the toolset’s features, usage, price plans, pros and disadvantages, and alternatives.

We hope you found this Wirewax review useful.

You can now start using Wirewax to create amazing videos and separate yourself from the rest of your competitors who still create generic media to advertise their platform.


1. Is Wirewax free of cost?

Wirewax offers three paid plans – Enterprise T1 ($1,999/month), Enterprise T2($4,999/month), and Enterprise T3($9,999/month). You can customize the three plans according to yourself by contacting the Wirewax team.

2. What does Wirewax do?

With the help of Wirewax, you can create interactive and engaging videos. Wirewax is an AI-powered tool that helps you enhance your videos. You can add hotspots, overlays, and markers throughout the video.

3. Can we attach our Wirewax videos to our social media platforms?

Yes, you can attach your videos to all your social media platforms. You can even embed them on your website or blog site. Wirewax works well with any platform. You just need to copy the embed link and paste it onto your platform.

4. Can I find examples of what people are making with Wirewax?

Yes, you can! Wirewax provides a whole library of example videos that you can sort by category (commerce, entertainment, information) and check out. You can get your inspiration from the examples that Wirewax has.

5. Can we upload our videos to enhance with Wirewax?

Yes, you can either upload your videos or paste URLs of your videos from video streaming platforms and use them to create your Wirewax videos. You can upload videos from your Google Drive onto the platform and edit them.

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