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Tolstoy Review: Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Tolstoy Review: Pricing, Features and Alternatives

You may have all you need to succeed – a product or service with a promising value proposition, ample promotion, a comprehensive and easy-to-use website, and engaging social media pages.

Even after covering all bases, are you still are not getting the amount of engagement, lead conversion, consumer interaction, and sales you hoped for? What more can you do?

Well, Tolstoy might just be the answer for you! That’s why we bring you a detailed Tolstoy review.

Tolstoy is an interactive video platform that makes your company create more engaging and interactive with the use of face-to-face conversation videos with leads in a self-paced and self-serviced manner.

In this Tolstoy review, we are chiefly going to talk about the uses, features, pricing plans, usefulness, pros, cons, and alternatives of the Tolstoy interactive video software.

What is Tolstoy?

Tolstoy is a platform that helps you create interactive videos. They increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales and convert more leads into paying customers. 

Tolstoy review

These interactive Tolstoy videos engage your audience through the use of face-to-face interactive videos tailored to the user’s needs. Apart from the video features, Tolstoy seamlessly integrates with your existing tools.

Dov Kaufmann and Nimrod Pepper co-founded Tolstoy in August 2020 and the company has its base in Tel Aviv, Israel. The duo created Tolstoy in order to assist all the professionals, companies, and influencers in expanding their brands through video marketing.

Who Uses Tolstoy?

Tolstoy interactive story maker is a jack-of-all-trades and you can use it for any purpose, including but not limited to:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Outreach
  • eCommerce
  • Product engagement and education
  • Recruitment
  • Learning and Development

Anyone can use Tolstoy and make use of an online interactive video creation platform. The list includes B2B and B2C eCommerce sites, standalone online businesses, as well as social media influencers. You can even use Tolstoy for onboarding, orienting, and even training your employees with the various use cases provided.

Tolstoy is the best for all online platforms – websites, emails, social media, text messaging, blogs, and shopping sites. It is a tool that will help you stand out from the crowd and gain people’s attention. Basically, it helps you increase website traffic with engaging content and builds personal relationships with each and every viewer.

Tolstoy Features

Let’s begin our Tolstoy review with the features,

Well-designed Plans

Tolstoy has Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans. The Pro plan has a free 14-day trial period through which you can experience all the features included in the Pro plan and then decide whether you want to continue using it or not.

People using the free plan can create only up to 10 Tolstoys (videos) all-in-all. Each Tolstoy made includes up to 1K impressions garnered and no additional impressions (Impressions refer to the number of times the Tolstoy video displays to unique viewers).

Users of the Free Plan can also create up to 5 parts per one Tolstoy video. One Tolstoy video would have a maximum recording length of up to 5 minutes. Additionally, there would be features to share your Tolstoy videos through links or socials, as well as through embedding in emails.You can add only up to 50 Creators Lite members for your Tolstoys.

There’s a fundamental difference between the Creators Lite members included in the Free version and the Creator members in the Pro and Enterprise versions that we need to understand:

Creators refer to paid members with unlimited recording and sharing capabilities, whereas Creator Lite are free members with limited recording and sharing capabilities.

Creator Lite members can use all three plans, whereas Creator members use only the paid versions, i.e., Pro and Enterprise.

Besides the Free plan, Tolstoy also has two other plans – Pro and Enterprise. The Pro version has a fixed price of $10/creator /month. In contrast, for the Enterprise version you have to reach out to Tolstoy’s team and tailor the plan according to your needs. 

Pro Plan

The Pro plan consists of all the features the Free plan has, along with many other additions: Unlimited Creator members, Tolstoy parts and recording lengths of each part. You have 5K included impressions per month, and you can buy additional impressions at a price of $2 (Rs. 156) per 1K views. You can also add custom logos and in-video buttons to your Tolstoys. 

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is even more intensive and contains all the features the Pro plan has. You can customize the plan according to your needs after reaching out to a representative from the Tolstoy team. 

It is possible to have unlimited Creator members and you can also remove the Tolstoy watermark from your interactive videos (a feature exclusive only to the Enterprise plan). You can get the included and additional impressions according to the needs of your business and set a price after covering all the bases regarding the program.  

Easy Integration With Other Platforms

You can also integrate your Tolstoy videos with all the platforms and tools you already use, like Shopify, Wix, WordPress, BigCommerce, etc. Moreover, you can create a workspace for your entire team to access and share Tolstoys as well as viewer insights and numbers.

Tolstoy Pricing Plans 

It is now time for the pricing plan in our Tolstoy review. As discussed above, Tolstoy has two paid plans. We have provided you with a table covering all information about both of the plans:

Included Impressions5K per monthCustomizable
Additional Impressions$2 per 1K viewsCustomizable
Additional Features(i) Contains every feature of the free plan(i) Contains every feature of the Pro plan
(ii) Unlimited Tolstoy parts(ii) Unlimited Members
(iii) On-site Embeds(iii) Remove Tolstoy watermark
(iv) Widget rules and triggers(iv) Salesforce Integration (Beta)
(v) Customize buttons(v) Personalized onboarding
(vi) Whitelabel End Screen(vi) Dedicated CSM
(vii) Analytics and viewer notifications(vii) User roles and management
(viii) Unlimited recording length(viii) A/B testing 
(ix) On-site Widget(ix) Custom widget rules and triggers

The Pro Plan starts at $10/creator/month and for the quote of the Enterprise Plan, you have to connect with Tolstoy’s team 

How Useful is Tolstoy?

Tolstoy interactive video software has the following use cases:

1. Outreach

You can use the video macro feature to film multiple short videos and send them to several prospects simultaneously, thereby, speeding up your outreach process. You can also share detailed videos about your company and send personalized demos to your leads to convince them better. Furthermore, you can integrate your calendar inside your Tolstoy video to schedule meetings with your leads easily. 

2. Marketing and sales

You can create branching explanation videos about your product so that your viewers get only the information they want in an interactive and engaging way. Additionally, you can create lead qualification funnels to segment your leads and bring them to the right landing pages for the information they require. 

3. E-Commerce

Their add-to-cart feature will help your customers add items to their carts and navigate their shopping journey from inside your Tolstoy video. You can also link the products you’re featuring in your Tolstoy video inside the video itself. Your customers can also ask their questions through audio/video, and you can reply back to them with your suggestions seamlessly.

4. Product Education and Engagement

Introduce your product and build personal relationships with your viewers at the same time using Tolstoy videos. You can also add text pop-up boxes throughout the videos to give deeper context and insight regarding your product at relevant moments. 

5. Video Support & CS

Enhance your consumer helpdesk by adding a video chatbot template to your website or app and start getting customer feedback and queries. You can also add a personal touch to the Q&A session by responding to the questions using selfie videos. Tolstoy also has the feature of automatically transcribing your videos to ease the conversation with the user. It also helps you search across the web for answers while talking to the user effortlessly.

6. Learning and Development

You can onboard and train your employees with interactive video guides and lessons. What’s more, every department or partner can create their own video modules very easily with the interactive story maker. 

There are several other use cases provided by Tolstoy interactive video software apart from the ones mentioned above.

Tolstoy Pros and Cons

Now, in our Tolstoy review we will discuss the pros and cons of the interactive story maker:


  • Incorporating Tolstoy videos in your business/platform would enable better lead conversion and customer base expansion 
  • The use cases that Tolstoy provides cover all aspects you may require for an expansive marketing strategy for your business.
  • You can also reach out to Tolstoy’s team for tailor-made Enterprise plans covering all the required areas of your business.
  • There are numerous pre-made templates that you can use for your business if you are not comfortable with recording videos on your own.
  • There’s no need for any fancy equipment to record your Tolstoy videos, you only need a phone. Just record all your videos and then tie them together using the tool’s interactive video builder.


  • The Free plan does not provide a large set of tools and nor lets you make an adequate amount of Tolstoy videos (remember, you can only make 5 Tolstoys in total with the free plan). 

Tolstoy Alternatives

If you think Tolstoy interactive video software is not the right tool for you even after this Tolstoy review, you can check out the alternatives mentioned below:

1. PlayStory

Tolstoy alternative

PlayStory is a tool that helps you create interactive and engaging videos that connect better with your audience and garner more engagement. You just have to upload or record a video, add interactive elements to it via the PlayStory tool, and share your creation with others or embed it on your website. You can also encourage your viewers to engage with your videos more by adding interactive elements to them.

PlayStory has four pricing plans – Free, Growth ($59/month), Pro ($99/month), and Enterprise (customizable).

Accelerate video marketing with PlayStory – Sign up!

2. ChipBot Pylons

Tolstoy alternative

This tool enables you to give the ‘walk-in’ experience to your customers. It also helps improve your website’s sales and lead generation with personal contextual videos. ChipBot Pylons is specifically for your website, unlike Tolstoy. It has a free version as well as a paid version that you can access for $10 per month.

3. Loom


Loom is the leading video communication platform for async work. You can record, share, and interact with videos on the move. Paste the link of your videos to your recipients, and they can watch them without having to log in or sign up for access. Loom is the biggest competitor of Tolstoy in this category. It also has three plans – Starter (free), Business (for $8/creator/month), and Enterprise (customizable).

4. Vidyard


You can record and send videos to make remote sales with the help of Vidyard, adding a personal touch to your business. You can get video analytics and viewer insights and can also attach your video proposals to emails and external platforms like LinkedIn, MarketO, Salesforce Sales Cloud, etc. Vidyard also has an automatic video transcribing tool that makes communication even easier.

Start Creating Interactive Videos With Tolstoy!

In this Tolstoy review, we saw the features, basics, pricing, pros, cons, and alternatives to the Tolstoy video interaction software. 

We conclude that Tolstoy is a very helpful tool. It creates interactive videos for anyone trying to grow their online business and increase engagement with their viewers.

Do you want to know more about this tool? You can go to the official Tolstoy website and expand your knowledge beyond this Tolstoy review.


What is Tolstoy?

Tolstoy is an interactive video software that helps companies create engaging and interactive video stories to build personal relationships with their audience.

How do you use Tolstoy?

Tolstoy is very easy to use! You just have to create videos regarding aspects of your business, and Tolstoy will use them to create comprehensive branching videos with interactive elements. It will give viewers a personalized viewing experience.

Is Tolstoy a paid tool?

You’re in luck! Tolstoy offers a free plan too. However, if you want to enjoy more features of the tool, you have paid versions available. This includes the pro plan and the enterprise plan.

Which tools can you use to make videos interactive?

You can use Tolstoy, PlayStory MindStamp, VideoAsk, ChipBot Pylons, as well as many others to make your videos interactive and engaging.

Is ChipBot better than Tolstoy?

It depends on what you want! ChipBot is for website use only, whereas you can use Tolstoy across many platforms, like websites, social media, email, text messaging, etc. 

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