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Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar Review: The Best Content Marketing Tool

Content marketing is all about creating high-quality content that your audience will love. And if you’re someone directly or indirectly related to the field, you’d know the grind already. But what if there was a way to make your content creation process even easier? is a content creation tool that promises to do just that. This review will take a closer look at the AI copywriting software and see if it lives up to the hype. 

Read till the end if you want to know how can help you create better content faster. We’ll also glance at’s pricing plans, pros and cons, alternatives, and more. Let’s see if it’s worth it to scale your content production.

What Is Review is a content marketing tool that automates the content creation process. It works as an AI content creator and copywriting software. In other words, is an AI-powered platform for writing and optimizing content without human intervention. Texta may save your writing time in half with its robust system that generates high-quality copy from an easy description. What’s more? in this Review, you will know that comes with more than 50 powerful content-generating tools.

Arman Maskat is the founder of The company is young since it only came into existence in 2021. Arman Maskat has work experience as a Specialist in the Department of Law in the Ministry of Justice, as an Attache in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as Deputy Director of the Department for Protocol and Organizational Support in the Eurasian Economic Commission. people understand that content marketing can be a tough nut to crack. That’s why they put this great innovation out here to help you get the most out of their platform. Although the tool is a unique design for marketers, designers, copywriters, and founders, other professionals find it useful too.

Who Uses has quickly become the go-to tool for nearly everyone needing a helping hand with writing content. It is changing the content marketing game with its cutting-edge features and artificial intelligence. creates endless possibilities for brands, individuals, and more to get the most out of their content.’s capabilities aren’t limited to any one field or profession. People from all walks of life use Be it content marketers, writers, SEO analysts, freelancers, real estate agents, educators, students, bloggers, fitness professionals, motivational speakers, e-commerce, tech, social media, film, or art & culture, has got you covered.

Put simply, the tool is your one-stop for all your content needs. And it does it all within minutes and with just a few clicks! Features

Talking about’s features, they are two-in-one that help you to manage both long and short-form content.

We have highlighted all these features in our review for you to understand the tool better.

AI Assistant

The AI assistant will work like a personal human assistant. Do you want to know how? Using this AI (artificial assistance) tool, you won’t have any trouble writing an article that’s more than 1,500 words long on any subject you choose.

Plagiarism Checker

Are you worried about unintentionally getting flagged for plagiarism? Don’t. Because with, you can sit back and rest assured. Each piece of text that generates is entirely original and free of any instances of plagiarism.


Finding a good AI writer is easy but finding an AI writer that generates content in more than 27 languages is not. That’s where stands apart from all its competitors. With, you can create content in English, French, Dutch, Arabic, German, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Chinese (Taiwan), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Greek, Italian, Russian, and Hebrew.

Grammarly Partnership

Who doesn’t know about Grammarly? It’s the leading and most trusted writing software right now in the world. Through collaboration with Grammarly, guarantees that your writing will be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. This feature makes it more credible and gains the users’ trust in no time.


The simple API feature of allows you to integrate it with other existing applications or platforms. It ensures ease of use and maintains a smooth workflow.

SEO Tools

Forget about raking lower or not getting ranked even. It’s because is here with its fantastic SEO tools feature. With these tools, you can quickly improve your Google rankings. All with the help of precise and relevant keyword searches.


The feature name is quite innovative and very unlike other tools. And so is the function of this feature. Just let your imagination run wild and produce content of any style, format, or category with’s Sandbox. You can even automate content marketing with this. Pricing Plans Pricing Review

In this section of our review, we’ll be discussing the pricing plans it offers. To begin with, comes with 3 paid plans. These plans are:

Starter Plan

  • It starts at $10 monthly and $4 annually.
  • You get good quality work with this plan.
  • There are 300,000 words available.
  • There’s access to 1 user seat.
  • You get unlimited SEO keyword research and project folders with this plan.
  • You can generate short and long-form content with it.
  • There’s access to Grammarly integration, 50 plus templates, a writing assistant, 27 plus languages, a professional editor, and an auto-save feature.

Pro Max Plan

  • It starts at $29 monthly and $17 annually.
  • You get great quality work with this plan.
  • There are 600,000 words available.
  • There’s access to 5 user seats.
  • All the features of the starter plan.

Pro Max Plus Plan

  • It starts at $49 monthly and $29 annually.
  • You get great quality work with this plan.
  • There are 1,200,000 words available.
  • There’s access to 10 user seats.
  • All the features of the other two plans. initially lets you try all these plans for free. You can do that by creating a free account. But obviously, the deal is for a limited time. You get this trial for 7 days with 4,000 words. Also, if you haven’t calculated yet, you save up to 60% by going with annual plans instead of monthly ones.

How Useful Is

Nobody can deny’s usefulness looking at its 50-plus use cases. is a tool that assists marketers, designers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs create content for various online mediums, including blogs, social media, websites, advertisements, and search engine optimization. If you go on counting how much time you save using, it’ll be around 90%. Yes, you read that right! serves all purposes like business, marketing, writing, publishing, healthcare, education, fitness, and much more. But the best thing about Texta ai is its AI copywriting. Pros & Cons

It’s time for a quick overview of the pros and cons of Find them here in this review:


  • When it comes to making content on the fly, the template system is flawless.
  • The ease of use is commendable.
  • You get a plagiarism checker.
  • You can generate not only marketing copies but also long-form content.
  • There are more than 27 languages available with You can write and communicate with a broader audience this way.
  • You get an amazing lifetime deal with
  • It generates quality content.
  • The SEO management feature is quite handy.
  • It is more affordable than many of its alternatives. Hence, you get value for your money.
  • The customer support is excellent with You can contact the team anytime, and there’s always there to help you with any issues or queries.
  • The functionality that the app provides demands appreciation.
  • You don’t need to have prior expert knowledge to get started with


There aren’t many limitations to using, but these might sound a bit off to you:

  • The interface was first a bit disorganized. But it has improved tremendously now.
  • Translation sometimes is a bit tricky. You have to change and edit idiomatic sentences ultimately.
  • Limited character in the free plan makes other alternatives seem more attractive. Alternatives

Do you feel skeptical about Well, in that case, you should try one of these alternatives we’ve mentioned in our review.



For quicker and more effective productivity, content marketers and SEO specialists should use Frase, a content assistant. The tool’s framework revolves around four main components: content analytics, content writing, and content optimization. The tool is helpful for organizing an article and excels for research and quick outlines. Creating a content brief only takes a few minutes with Frase.


  • Basic- $44.99/m
  • Team- $114.99/mo
  • Enterprise- Custom

Rytr Review

Rytr is an artificial intelligence writing tool that can produce a wide range of content. You can use this program for generating complete blog articles, marketing, and sales copy, website copywriting, and just about any other writing task you can think of. It uses a straightforward internet interface to do the work. It’s really user-friendly, provides excellent value for money, and creates some seriously fantastic content.


You have a choice between a free plan and a premium one that costs $29 per month.

InstaCopy Review

Remarkably accurate AI content writer, InstaCopy, produces high-performing content right away. You’ll get better results with less work and spend less time and money. With this AI copywriter, which simplifies your job, you can also use it to quickly create high-quality marketing copy, blogs, social media, and website content.

With the most incredible AI-based content creation, you can forget about writer’s block because it immediately produces excellent marketing copy, blogs, ad copy, and much more.


  • Free- $0
  • Copywriter- $39
  • Content Writer- $49

Craft content faster with InstaCopy – Sign Up!

Get Ready To Create Content With!

This review comes to an end. Here is the final thought: –

Whether for marketing purposes or simply to get their names out there, businesses and individuals need to spend time and effort developing content. From articles and blog posts to movies and infographics, there is a wide variety of content that you can produce. The secret is to create content that is both high quality and engaging. 

Content marketing is getting more and more competitive. In order to win, you need to use the best tools available. is one of the best content marketing tools on the market. And in this review, we’ve seen how and why. Moreover, people feel it’s the best AI at this price available on the market now! And it makes marketing automation a breeze.

So, what’s your take on this? If you ask us, we definitely give a thumbs up. And maybe you should too! 


What is is an AI-powered platform for creating and optimizing long-form content. Create content for your blog, website, social media, and more with 30+ features and 27+ languages of 

How to use

Simply sign up with an account. You can either get the free trial or buy a paid plan to get started with. Follow these steps then:
Put a seed phrase
Generate the content
Publish it

Is free?

No! only offers a 7-day free trial with all their paid plans. Therefore, is not free. You’ll have to buy a paid subscription to use the tool regularly- starter ($10/m), pro max ($29/m) & pro max plus($49).

How can I contact support?

You can reach by going to the help icon in the lower right corner of the site. You’ll find free live chat support there. You can also email them at [email protected] 

What payment methods are available for

Online transactions by credit and debit cards are acceptable by Encryption with 3D secure authentication is available for your privacy.

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