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Quickpage Review – Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing

Published On: September 15, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Quickpage Review – Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing

Salespeople’s biggest challenge is to communicate and engage with their customers. It can either be the easiest or the most daunting challenge for them. 

Your goal becomes more manageable when your response rates are higher. But what to do when they are not? 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking a quick fix that gives you an edge over the competition and other salespeople. You’ll only need basic software that lets you make custom mobile-friendly videos and web pages with just a few taps. And the app is Quickpage, for which we’ll be doing a short Quickpage review. All you need to know is how to write and send an email and you can use this app easily

Read till the end to find all the features, pricing plans, pros and cons, alternatives, and more in this Quickpage review.

What Is Quickpage?

Quickpage Review

When it comes to video follow-up solutions, Quickpage is by far the most popular choice. It’s a sales tool that facilitates the development of genuine connections with customers. You can quickly and effortlessly record and share videos from your computer or mobile device using Quickpage. It lets you share video landing pages with others via animated email (gif) and text message (text). The tool enables you to send an email with embedded videos making it more engaging. You can embed these pages in most customer relationship management systems (CRMs) and post them on social media. 

Chad Morgan is the founder and CEO of Quickpage. Also, the company came into existence in 2016. Morgan is a specialist in marketing services, consultations, and video marketing strategies. These include mobile, digital, content, brand, email, and real estate marketing.

In this Quickpage Review, you will know that The inspiration behind creating Quickpage was Chad Morgan’s experience and analysis of the automotive industry. Working with customers in the sector and witnessing widespread discontent among car buyers gave Morgan the idea of Quickpage. Using Quickpage, car dealerships can quickly communicate with potential buyers and win their trust in an exciting and productive way for both parties. Faster than any other medium, Quickpage’s videos help the dealership instill a feeling of loyalty, enthusiasm, and contentment in its clientele. This app is unique because it features an interactive website that lets users view and respond to media in real-time, including videos from YouTube.

Who Uses Quickpage?

Though Quickpage is a video messaging service, it deals explicitly in one industry- automotive. But these are many sectors using Quickpage video email to stand out from the competition and receive more responses from prospects and clients.

Automotive, boat, and RV sellers and buyers use Quickpage the most. Yet, it benefits real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, consultants, coaches, general sales, social media influencers, and multi-level marketers.

Quickpage captures the customer in the moment of engagement, allowing for more personal interaction between you and the customer, and letting the customer view the featured items or services on a page without any distractions, enhancing interaction and conversion rates. 

Quickpage Features

Now, we already know what Quickpage is and who created it. It’s time to look at the features it offers. It is because Quickpage is not just a one-off video email platform but way more. We have covered all its features in brief in this Quickpage review.

Editing And Branding Videos

You can use the QuickPage app to edit your video and double-check that the branding is visible. As a result, your video will have a more polished look and feel, and your audience will know that your company produced it.

Filming And Recording

This function lets you easily and quickly record videos directly from your mobile phone using the native app.

Video Emailing And Messaging

It is yet another helpful feature of Quickpage and allows you to forward video links through email and text messages. It is useful for those who spend a lot of time traveling or are otherwise occupied with their business affairs.

Social Media Video Uploading

You can share your videos with the world by posting them on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. That’s a good strategy for expanding your presence.

Screen Sharing

With the addition of the Screen Share Video feature, you can now share videos that include content from your shared screen. You can share online previews, guides, and demonstrations of your product or service.

Live Chat

Using this app’s integrated live chat feature, you can communicate with your prospective client in real-time. In addition, it keeps a record of each conversation with leads, making it easy to maintain contact.

Statistics And Analytics

QuickPage provides in-depth analytics to keep you updated on your team’s progress. It also provides a wealth of information about your marketing strategy statistics and shows you exactly when and how many people opened your emails and texts. This feature is excellent for tracking the overall outcomes of your marketing.

Chrome Extension

You can integrate Quickpage with your Chrome using its Chrome extension. With this feature, you can make videos on Quickpage and send them over Gmail. Moreover, you can set a schedule to send your video email at any time and day that’s convenient for you.

Quickpage Pricing Plans 

Quickpage Pricing Plans-Quickpage Review

Pricing is the deciding factor of any tool for most users. So, let’s look at the pricing plans of Quickpage in this Quickpage review. The tool offers a free trial along with 3 paid subscriptions. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee on these plans.

(Not So) Basic Plan

  • It starts at $29 per month.
  • It costs around $21 if you get the annual plan.
  • It is ideal for individuals wanting to scale video messaging and email.
  • You get access to unlimited pages and storage/videos.
  • You can share by email, SMS, social media, and more.

Pro Plan

  • It starts at $59 per month.
  • It costs around $44 if you get the annual plan.
  • You get all the features of the (Not So) Basic Plan.
  • This plan is great for power users.
  • There’s password protection for all your pages.
  • There are also opt-ins available with this plan.
  • You get embeddable video chat bubbles for your websites.
  • You get White Label with this plan too.

Pro+Team Plan

  • The price in this plan is customizable according to your industry.
  • You get all the features of the Pro Plan.
  • This plan is the best choice for teams looking for industry-specific features.
  • You get the KPI dashboard with this plan
  • Team collaborations are possible with this plan.

Also, note that Quickpage’s annual paid plans are free for the starting 3 months.

How Useful Is Quickpage? 

Quickpage is a video marketing software model that serves the best 3 industries:

  • Automotive
  • Real Estate
  • All Sales

It has proved itself time and time again to be greatly useful for all the concerned users. Sales teams find it amazing to increase lead engagement, cut down on the sales cycle, and better nurture their leads. Any organization that struggles to maintain contact with its clientele can solve its problem with Quickpage. Additionally, social media influencers with a reasonably large following on social media use it to strengthen ties with their audience and expand their reach.

What’s more? Quickpage has got 5 ratings on most of the apps. These apps include Facebook, Playstore, Appstore, and G2. We don’t think there remains any doubt regarding Quickpage’s usefulness because the proof is already here.

Quickpage Pros & Cons

Wondering about the benefits and limitations of Quickpage? Here’s a list of them all in this Quickpage review:


  • Quickpage allows direct integrations with many apps. It includes Calendly, Twilio, Canva, and thousands more via Zapier.
  • The app is easy to use and set up.
  • You experience the quality of support with Quickpage.
  • Quickpage lets you capture and send high-definition videos via email and text while keeping tabs on how engaged your viewers are.
  • It’s best for building trust among your customers.
  • Quickpage also allows you to send your video pages as a GIF through email or text message.
  • The scope of personalization is relatively high with Quickpage.
  • Your video collection on Quickpage will be accessible from within Gmail, allowing you to share clips with friends and family easily.
  • The analytics dashboard keeps a tab on when, where, how often, and how long people opened your emails and texts.
  • You get all your data at your fingertips for a better video marketing experience.


  • A QuickPage logo appears in all outgoing emails, which annoys many marketers.
  • The app needs additional integrations for tremendous success in the online marketplace.
  • The site’s pages need more choices for personalization. There should be more ways to show off the brand, such as colors and icons.

Quickpage Alternatives

If you think Quickpage is not the right choice for you, consider looking at the alternatives we have provided in this Quickpage review.


Vidyard-Quickpage Review

If you’re looking for a video solution for online marketing, go for Vidyard. It intends to streamline the process of recording and sharing interactive videos. Moreover, it brings a human touch to sales, from prospecting to proposals. Thousands of remote sales and marketing teams worldwide rely on Vidyard’s robust video metrics and integrations to help them increase video-based lead generation and conversion rates.


  • Free- $0
  • Pro- $19
  • Business- Customizable



With BombBomb, you can make and share videos instantly from your desktop or mobile device (iOS and Android). The BombBomb platform is a web-based, cloud-based service for marketing using video email. Sending and tracking videos via SMS, email, and social media helps sales teams interact with customers and prospects, close deals, and earn recommendations. The program allows users to send and receive videos through email and text.


  • Essentials- Customizable
  • Plus- Customizable
  • Enterprise- Customizable

Hippo Video

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a video management service that operates in the cloud, permitting users to record and edit video and audio and share screencasts. You may utilize the system to make training materials, customer reviews, how-to manuals, and explainer videos, among other things. Hippo Video integrates with Zendesk and Freshdesk so that you can add support tickets to videos and export them to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and Google Classroom. Users can limit who can view their shared videos by setting a password and giving their links a time limit. 


  • For Individuals – $19/month
  • For Businesses – $29/user/month

The Perfect Video Messaging Tool For Sales People By Sales People

“It’s as simple as sending an email, but 10X’s more powerful,” says Tony White, Steve Hahn Auto Group manager. Quickpage is a video follow-up tool you can use individually with clients to boost engagement and sales.

In conclusion to this Quickpage review, we can say that it’s time to surpass all your sales goals. Quickpage is a complete game changer. You have got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your business. Do you want to know why? It is because 95% of sales professionals still aren’t leveraging video to help them close deals. And five percent of people see significant gains, but this opportunity won’t be there for long. Hence, this is not the time to fall behind the pack. Instead, take advantage and move ahead of them all!


What is Quickpage?

QuickPage is a tool for improving response rates and securing more conversions from leads through personalized video messaging. It is a SaaS tool that makes automotive selling easy.

How do you use Quickpage?

Quickpage is one of the most accessible software to use. You need to create an account and use the app. You can integrate with different apps and use the features there too.

Can Quickpage work with my current CRM?

YES. Quickpage allows you to utilize our software alongside your CRM. You can integrate Quickpages with your CRM with a simple copy-paste of code. You can view the data from both systems in the same place from your account.

Can I add multiple videos to a Quickpage?

Yes! Quickpage allows you to share all of your marketing content-including an unlimited number of videos, photos, pdfs/documents, YouTube videos, testimonials, and even website links—on a single page to your clients.

How much time does it take to create a Quickpage?

Only a few minutes! Making a Quickpage typically takes around 5 minutes. Quickpage has increased the video follow-up process’s scalability with its duplicate page and template page features.

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