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Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar Review: Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Yet another day of a writer’s burnout? What if we tell you that it’s possible to never experience one in your whole life? Seems impossible, right? But it isn’t. We are enjoying the best of technology advancements in today’s era. Using artificial intelligence, generating human-like content is a matter of minutes.

The content doesn’t seem to be robot-generated. Plus, it is organic and plagiarism free. Say bye-bye to the time-sucking and daunting content creation process. This is because AI-generated content will move mountains for you! 

One such tool that might be the best for you is Read this review to know if you can solely count on it to generate fresh, and SEO-optimized content for you. Read till the end to find out about all the features, pricing plans, pros and cons, and alternatives to 

What Is Review is an AI content writer. It’s like your personal writing assistant that assists you with writing the most challenging and niche content. Using AI and machine learning, the tool can automatically create texts and data. It also works as an AI sentence expander and content improver. You can generate content for blog posts, news articles, product reviews, and other types of media. All you need to get started with is to enter data, use templates, or start a new project.

The journey of seems very interesting. 2017 was the year, and the dorm room was of BITS Pilani of 2 students, Anirudh Singla and Rishabh Shekhar. The idea was new, and so were these founders. To launch Pepper Content, Anirudh Singla and Rishabh Shekhar individually wrote and edited hundreds of articles. With a network of 20 clients and 25 creators, Pepper generated $6,700 in revenue in 2018. It got more into action in 2019 when Pepper had a network of more than 5,000 producers, 100+ clients, and $300K in startup funding. 

Mumbai is where Pepper established its roots and achieved a record-breaking $500K in creator earnings. It was 2020 when Peppertpe as an AI-powered content helper tool was first introduced. A simple idea to allow brands to curate content in one go took the form of a unique full-stack self-serve platform. 

Who Uses

In this Review you will know that is not just an AI content creator for content writers. But it’s a tool used by founders, copywriters, marketing teams, agencies, product managers, freelancers, and creators. Even SEO specialists use it.

It is possible to experiment with different features and content types with Hence, there are no limitations on how one persona or a team uses it. Content creators and founders use it for content support, and SEO analysts take the aid of its high-ranking idea suggestions. YouTube or social media creators put in front to help with their writing needs.

Social media and digital marketers find their best buddy in With its AI-created content, Peppertype is also beneficial for agencies. And product managers use it to turbocharge their creativity. It also works as a great AI copywriting generator, which caters to all copywriters’ needs. Freelancers too find it amazing to do their bidding. Features 

When it comes to the features offered by, the possibilities are endless. We have highlighted some of these features here in our review. Have a look to know more.

Sentence Paraphrase

Sentence rephrasing and content rewriting are very basic features of any AI content generator.In this Review you will know that lets you also recreate any kind of content within just minutes and with minimal effort instead of rewriting it entirely. 

Tone and Style Editor

You can customize the style and tone you want to create your copies. It can be formal, informal, creative, inspirational, conversational, convincing, or anything else. The use of different languages, tones, and styles is a necessity. This is especially the case 

when it comes to writing content for different clients and platforms. 

Tracking Engagement

Creating content is one thing and analyzing its performance is another. Both are important aspects of content management and marketing. lets you evaluate your engagement with your content with its metrics.

Plagiarism Checker

You get fresh, unique content and copies with It also offers you to check plagiarism in an existing or newly written document.

Sentence Formatter

There can be many errors while creating that perfect content type. With’s sentence formatting feature, you can easily format any unwanted content. It works the same for a sentence within your content copy also.

Grammar Checking

Grammar checking is yet another basic feature of any artificial intelligence writing software. also offers you the ability to check and resolve any kind of grammatical errors within your content.


This feature is very useful. While writing content, you get an opportunity to autocorrect any kind of writing and spelling mistakes. It lessens the time and effort of re-checking the whole document for petty spelling errors.

All of these features are a part of Peppertype software. You may find some of these features with the free starter plan or with the paid versions. You can explore the extra features in the further pricing plan section of this review. Pricing Plans Pricing Review

Let’s look at what all you could get at what price with Find all the pricing plans listed below in this review:

Starter Plan

  • The price for this plan is $35/month and $25/month annually for 1 user seat.
  • You can choose more user seats, and the price will change depending on that.
  • The plan is ideal for individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers & small teams.
  • You get 50,000 words per seat
  • You advanced specifications
  • You get access to all 20-plus content categories and early access to the new ones.
  • Special availability to send a content-type request to the team
  • Active client assistance

Growth Plan

  • The price for this plan is & $199/month and $165/month annually for 5 user seats.
  • The plan is ideal for professionals, marketing teams, agencies, and startups.
  • It has all the starter plan features
  • You get the additional feature of collaboration and sharing results.
  • You get to access control with this plan.
  • You can also download the results.

Enterprise Plan

  • The price for this plan is customizable. 
  • This plan is best for marketplaces, aggregators, and enterprises.
  • You get unlimited content generation with this plan.
  • You can add as many team members as you want.
  • Just like the price, you get a customized AI model tailored just for you.
  • You get add-ons like brand voice and other parameters.
  • You get special features such as custom widget and Integration.
  • You can generate content in bulk with this subscription.
  • You get to have a human quality check with your content.
  • There’s an exclusive plagiarism and grammar check.

How Useful Is 

We’ve all heard of computers creating books. But genuinely uses artificial intelligence for copywriting to improve marketing. For those who run blogs or are attempting to advertise their company or website, this is wonderful news. has proven itself to be useful time and time again. This is majorly in the case of writers to marketers, freelancers, managers, SEO folks, and agencies. More than 30,000 users have rated it 4.8 for its features, benefits, and functionality. Pros & Cons


  • is very easy to use. You can generate all types of content with just a few clicks.
  • The software provides quality output. Be it the free pack or one of the paid ones.
  •’s support team is always there to help.
  • Ease of setup is yet another advantage that comes with this AI generator. 
  • The user interface is not complex to use. Even if you’re new to this technology, you won’t have many issues using it.
  • It creates unique content. You don’t need to be afraid of plagiarism.
  • It also works for free unlike many other alternatives and you get a free copy generator.
  • Using, you can also create scripts for videos and podcasts.
  • It also works as an AI review generator.


  • One of the greatest limitations here is that there is no ability to edit or modify your content once you get the output. You must copy and paste the whole material into a different document editor to make desired changes. This isn’t a big concern on a desktop, but on mobile devices, it complicates things. That’s why it would be wonderful if there was a means to edit the material directly.
  • You must fact-check any specific information, figures, or equations. Additionally, unrestricted AI writing is absent (Boss mode). Alternatives

What? Still not decided if you want Don’t worry, we’ve mentioned some of the best alternatives here. Find all of these in our review.



InstaCopy is a great alternative to It is an AI-based content creator that helps overcome writer’s block. This is because it produces excellent marketing copy, blogs, ad copy, and much more instantly. InstaCopy also works as your free AI copywriting generator. It comes with features that cater to your social media, website, sales copy, online ads, product, and blog writing needs.

The pricing plans for InstaCopy are:

  • Free- $0
  • Content Writer- $49/month 
  • Copywriter- $39/month

Craft content faster with InstaCopy – Sign Up!

Jasper lets you write excellent content 2–5 times faster! It can assist you with writing your blog entries, social media updates, promotional emails, and more. Jasper can convert your content into many languages. You don’t need to worry whether you’re writing outside of your native tongue or not because it offers 25 different languages. 

It is knowledgeable about almost every niche and creates content that is entirely original and free of plagiarism. This is because it draws information from various sources rather than just one. Jasper offers three different paid plans-

Starter ($40/month), Boss mode ($82/month), and the Business plan with custom pricing for large teams and organizations.



Rytr enables you to create high-quality and high-converting AI content and copies. It works for all types of platforms and content. This includes blogs, YouTube videos, emails, social network posts and ads, landing pages, and much more. It also supports a variety of tones and languages. The design is cutting-edge technology based. You may know it as the GPT-3 AI model, which facilitates the creation of original and plagiarism-free work in a matter of minutes!

The pricing model for Rytr is:

  • Free- $0
  • Server Plan- $9/month
  • Unlimited Plan- $29/month

Write Better. Perform Better. Everything With

Content is king. So, it’s a must to have engaging, high-converting content on all your websites and other platforms. is sure on its top game to build one of the world’s largest content marketing spaces. It is a one-stop platform that takes care of everything from content conception to content delivery. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd while seeking affordable services, is one tool that you should definitely go for! With just a few clicks, the SaaS platform can create a huge amount of unique content. It can compose emails, blog posts, site content, and other things for you easily. 

We hope this review would have helped you to make an informed decision. 


What is is an AI platform that uses AI and the expertise of copywriters to assist you in creating more effective content. You can create a library of your preferred writing genres & content types. 

How do you use

It works in just three easy steps:
1st Step: Choose the kind of content you wish to create. 
2nd Step: Enter your brand or product details.
3rd Step : Wait for a few minutes to get impressive results.

What languages does support? supports many languages other than English. For instance, German, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese (simplified). Plus, there are timely updates.

Is free to use?

Yes! has a free plan to start with. You get a lot of features with this starter plan. However, you need to upgrade your plan according to your needs, to get some advanced features.

Who all can use

Content writers and copywriters majorly use But social media & YouTube creators, marketing teams, freelancers, SEO experts, product managers, agencies, and founders can also use 

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