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Nichesss Review: The Best AI Copywriter

Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Nichesss Review: The Best AI Copywriter

There has been an increase in content generation and content-targeted ads ever since digital marketing and online advertising platforms started gaining traction. With the rise in businesses and business-minded individuals looking to hire efficient and creative content writers, writing professionals have to try hard to outshine the crowd. 

Apart from just landing gigs, being able to churn out persuasive and engaging ad copies, blogs, or articles one after is challenging. What are freelancers supposed to do when they feel like they are out of ideas? 

If you’re a content writer looking for avenues to help with your projects, we might have a tool for you! Let us introduce you to Nichesss.

Nichesss is an AI copywriting tool that generates a wide range of content with a click of your mouse – from blog posts, ad copies, book reviews, and summaries to full-fledged stories, analogies, app reviews, company bios, and cover letters.

It is an AI-writer tool that helps you to write faster and generates content for you! You can find your niche and generate relevant content for it. After you complete a brief survey for the toolset, it will use its AI and curate custom content that you can edit and alter according to your needs.

If this is exactly what you need to know, keep reading this Nichesss review to learn more about this AI copywriter!

What is Nichesss?

Nichesss tool

Nichesss, or Niche$$ as it’s popularly called, was founded by Malcolm Tyson in December 2020. The vision behind it is to make the job of content generators and curators easy and provide them with a toolset that makes their jobs easier.

Nichesss is an easy-to-use tool that helps create custom-tailored content in minutes. Its UI is simple and available on various platforms. Nichesss is based on a language model called GPT-3, which is a model that processes the data fed to it and produces human-like text as a result.

Nichesss contains over 100 different tools for a wide variety of content. The best part is that it helps overcome writer’s block, boost creativity, and produce persuasive advertising content. You can write content and conclusions for your blogs, ads, listicles, articles, stories, reviews, cover letters, course modules, business briefings, magazines, and more!

Who Uses Nichesss? 

Good news, absolutely anybody can use Nichesss! It’s a highly versatile tool that comes in handy for anyone seeking help creating content. It’s also accessible and easy to use, which is a bonus.

Nichesss is primarily used by content writers looking for an extra helping hand while writing content for their clients. They can use the blog listicle, blog title, blog content, and blog conclusion generator to generate relevant content in their niche. Other valuable tools present in the platform for a freelancer content writer are the content reviewer and the content writer tools. These two tools do just what they’re named as – improving and rewriting content on behalf of its user to make it more appealing and engaging.

Apart from freelancers, potential job seekers can also use copywriting software to write their resumes, cover letters, emails, LinkedIn profile bios, LinkedIn networking outreaches, and posts. 

Business platforms also utilize this toolset to generate product descriptions, reviews, and briefings for the product they’re selling on their platforms. Additionally, it can also write press releases for information disclosed to the general public.

Social media influencers use this software to get creative captions, podcast topics and transcriptions, Facebook ads, quotes, lyrics, slogans, and many other things for their platforms. Nichesss also has tools for generating content specifically dedicated to travel and food blogs.

Honestly, Nichesss has so many specifically-designed tools for various uses that it’s impossible to list all the people who can use this AI generator for their work. We can say that Nichesss makes life a little easier for you, no matter who you are. Discover the tool more in our Nichesss review ahead.

Nichesss Features

Nichesss has one free trial but it only allows you to use the short content generating tools, some of which are mentioned above.  Apart from that, it has three other paid plans – the Rookie plan, the Intermediate plan, and the Pro plan. 

You can only generate short form content with the Rookie and Intermediate plans. However, you can get access to the long form autowrite generators in the Pro plan. All the plans allow you to create your own reports and scourge through subreddits for content ideas. All three plans give you access to the AI-powered and marketing copy generators. 

Apart from the features mentioned above, we will give you a brief rundown of some of the various tools that the Nichesss copywriting software includes in all the three paid packages it provides:

Blog Post – Title Generator

You can use this to get different titles for your blog posts.

Blog Conclusion

This tool writes the conclusion of your blog post for you.

Blog Post Outline

This helps you break down what you should discuss in your blog.

Business Name Generator

Assists you in finding a name for your future venture.

Content Expander

Takes a short piece of content and expands it accordingly for you.

Content Improver

This makes your content more engaging.

Content Rewriter

Takes a piece of your content and rewrites it better.

Facebook Ads

Creates relevant ad copies for your Facebook page that you can use to advertise your content.

Google Ads

Makes ads for your company that will come up on your search results using SEO-optimizing keywords.

Image Posts

Inspired by big brands, this feature takes the written content of your ads and transforms them into image posts.

LinkedIn Bio

Creates appropriate LinkedIn bio content.

Magic Paragraph

Takes a sentence and expands it into a paragraph.


Generates a poem for you based on the submitted topic.

Product Descriptions

Churns out an apt description for your information after analyzing relevant information about your product and company.


Creates a template for your recipes based on the dish you mention..

SEO Meta – Description

Gives out a meta description for your page.

Sales – AIDA

Provides you with the AIDA formula.

YouTube – Random Video Ideas

Gives you new video ideas based on your channel name and the type of videos you usually make.

Are you stunned after looking at the versatile features of the Nichesss toolset? We should probably tell you that these features are just the tip of the iceberg; Nichesss provides more than 100+ features to its users! Let’s discover more in this Nichesss review.

Nichesss Pricing Plans

Let’s move to the plans offered in this Nichesss review. The tool provides a free trial that you can utilize before committing to any paid plans. But there’s a catch: you will be given only 4 trial reports, and only the short content-generating tool will be available during your trial period. Reports refer to the content copies that you will create with Nichesss. Therefore, you can only use the tools in the trial a maximum of 4 times. Afterwards, you’ll have to sign up for one of the paid plans to continue using the toolset.

Nichesss review pricing plan

Nichesss offers you a total of 3 paid plans. They are given below –

Rookie Plan

  • You can make your own reports (copies)
  • You would get 40K+ subreddits at your disposal for research work.
  • You would be able to access the AI-powered idea generator and the marketing copy generator.
  • You are allowed up to 200 short form generations/month.
  • However, you would not get any of the long-form auto-write tools.
  • You can get this plan for $19/month.

Intermediate Plan

  • You can make your own reports (copies).
  • You would get 40K+ subreddits at your disposal for research work.
  • You would be able to access the AI-powered idea generator and the marketing copy generator.
  • You are allowed up to 500 short form generations/month.
  • However, you would not get any of the long-form auto-write tools.
  • You can avail this plan for $39/month.

Pro Plan

  • You can make your own reports (copies).
  • You would get 40K+ subreddits at your disposal for research work.
  • You would have both the AI-powered idea generator and the AI-powered copy generator.
  • You can generate unlimited short-form content.
  • You can utilize the long-form auto-write (up to 1K auto-write generations/month).
  • You can avail this plan for $99/month.

Now, let’s move on to the next part of the Nichesss review.

How Useful is Nichesss?

Nichesss is an astounding AI-assisted copywriting software that allows you to use its numerous versatile tools and employ them to churn out unlimited creative and uniquely-written content in a matter of minutes.

Nichesss is relatively easy to use. You only need to choose the tool you want to generate content with from your dashboard, supply the tool with the relevant information it needs, and voila! You will get a custom-tailored, AI-crafted piece of work that you can now use.

Nichesss has helped countless freelancers hit their daily content quota. It provides different tools like ad copy generator, review article generator, and many more. Additionally, it tweaks and refines the writings with the content reviewer, expander, and rewriter features.

Many bloggers have used the blog title, content, conclusion features, and the blog-listicle generator to give an edge to their blogs. Travel and food bloggers can also find relevant toolsets for their respective niches.

Additionally, job seekers can make their resumes and profiles shine with resume content-generating tools. Some tools even help them polish their LinkedIn biographies!

Nichesss also provides numerous other tools to take advantage of to write any content for any niche.

Nichesss Pros and Cons

It is now time for the pros and cons in our Nichesss review. Let’s start with the pros.


  • Nichesss has the most diverse toolset that you can amongst any copywriting platform.
  • The Rookie plan ($19/month) is the lowest paid plan package that any platform offers.
  • The editing feature is effortless, and you can use it any time.
  • You can generate different types of content simultaneously.
  • The tools are unique. You will not find them anywhere else (like horoscope generators, email subject line generators, AppSumo review generators, etc.).


  • Two of three paid plans don’t allow you to use the long-form auto-write generator.
  • This toolset mainly focuses on writing short-form content.

It is now time to move the last section of our Nichesss review.

Nichesss Alternatives

Here are some alternatives for you to choose from if you’re still apprehensive about whether Nichesss is the right AI – copywriting software for you or not:


InstaCopy is a handy AI-powered writing tool designed to meet your every writing need. You can use it to create top-notch writing content for your blogs, articles, sales pitches, ad copies, social media platforms, and websites. 

InstaCopy offers you three pricing plans – Free, Copywriter ($39/month), and Content Writer ($49/month). It is essential to note that the Copywriter plan is for short-form copywriters, while the Content Writer plan is for long-form content writers, so choose accordingly.

Craft content faster with InstaCopy – Sign Up!



Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant that automatically writes high-quality content for you in minutes! You must select a use case, give additional input for context, and then sit back and relax while Rytr writes the content for you. Rytr has 30+ use cases and templates for you to choose from. You can also select from an array of 30+ language options to write in your preferred language. 

There are emotion-indicating tools that you can apply to convey your desired emotion. Rytr uses scientific copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS to power its toolset.

 This software has three pricing packages – the Free Plan, the Saver Plan ($9/month or $90/year), and the Unlimited Plan ($29/month or $290/year).

Nichesss alternative - Jasper
Source (previously known as is a widely renowned AI-content writing assistant that will aid you in making creative content copies that will be primed to perfection. You can ask for ideas from the AI, make it review and improve your work, or even give it instructions to write an original piece of content for you. 

Jasper can read and write in 25+ languages, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it in a language apart from English. 

You can use its Surfer SEO Integration tool to write content pieces laden with SEO keywords optimized for the highest page rankings in search engines like Google.

Jasper also features a ‘Boss Mode’ with which you can write long-form content pieces like articles, blogs, reviews, reports, and even stories. offers you two pricing plans – Starter (estimated $49/month) and Boss Mode (estimated $99/month). Both plans are customizable, and their charges will vary depending on the customizations. There’s also an Enterprise plan.

With this, we come to an end of our Nichesss Review.

Say Goodbye to All Your Copywriting Troubles Now!

Copywriting can be a tedious job, especially when you are expected to churn out new and exciting material one after the other every day. This is why many freelance writers have turned to AI writing tools to get assistance with their work.

Nichesss produces optimum content for you while you sit back and relax, making it one of the top choices for copywriting. Start your journey with Nichesss now and bid farewell to your writing worries.

In this detailed Nichesss review, we briefed you on the features, uses, pricing plans, pros and cons, and alternatives to this AI software.


1. What is Nichesss?

Nichesss is an AI – copywriting software that generates creative and engaging content for your blogs, articles, ad copies, etc. It also allows you to find your niche and develop business ideas. Nichesss helps create any short or long form content.

2. How many languages does Nichesss support?

Nichesss supports only one language – English. However, Nichesss works well with other language translating apps like Google Translate, Papago, and Duolingo.

3. Does Nichesss have a plagiarism checker?

No, Nichesss does not have an inbuilt plagiarism checker. But you can use an external plagiarism checker to review your work and it will work fine. Some free plagiarism checkers which you can use are – Duplichecker and smallseotools.

4. Is Nichesss a paid software?

Nichesss offers you three paid plans – Rookie ($19/month), Intermediate ($39/month), and Pro ($99/month). However, if you want to test out this toolkit before fully committing to it, Nichesss offers you a free trial to do that.

5. Can I use Nichesss to write my blog posts?

Yes, you can write Nichesss to generate premium content for your blog posts! There are separate use cases for travel, food, celebrity, and gossip blogs that you can use.

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