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Mixily Review: Features, Alternatives, Pros and Cons

Published On: September 15, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Mixily Review: Features, Alternatives, Pros and Cons

Hosting an event is all fun unless you’ve to deal with all the organizing stuff. It may fascinate some of you, but sometimes the task can be daunting. Setting up the whole event, ensuring all the guests received the invitation, selling tickets, managing RSVPs, looking after the guest visitors, and much more together can make a person or a whole team exhausted. And god forbid if any of the small details get missed out! Or worse, if any important guest doesn’t receive the invitation. 

But hey there! Worry not! Because we live in the era of technology that makes even the smallest task easier. Since everything is digital now and so are the events. We can meet, talk and see people virtually through our screens. It’s just so easy, and so is hosting your events using online software. A tool that might take care of hosting the smallest to the biggest event is Mixily. 

Here’s a Mixily review to enlighten you about its amazing features, pricing plans, pros & cons, alternatives, and much more. Read further to know about all and see if Mixily is worth investing in! 

What Is Mixily?

Mixily review

Mixily is an innovative approach towards making event organizing a process of just some clicks. It is virtual event software. Mixily allows you to host events both digitally and physically. You can send online invitations to different people at once with Mixily. You can also set up and control your guest list, RSVPs, message visitors, sell tickets, and more with Mixily. It works with no ads and a strict privacy policy. The software deals with 3 basic functions- 

  • Personalized branded video calls, and conferencing
  • Custom event landing pages
  • Ticketing along with promo codes

Mixily is a perfect blend of everything you need to host an event for your community.

Andrew Badr is the founder of Mixily. Badr is a software engineer, has a similar experience with 3 companies, and is also the founder of Jotleaf. He also worked as an Instructor at New York University.

Mixily came into existence in 2019. The idea for creating Mixily was simple, yet ingenious. The vision was to improve the online event hosting experience. Mixily began its journey as an event hosting platform. It integrated all the features, functions, and aspects of even hosting in one place. From sending invitations to collections of RSVPs, and selling tickets, Mixily made it easier. Since then, Mixily has taken its passion and expertise to the next level. The most recent version works as online event software. Also, the features enable you to communicate online in a dedicated space created for your company.

Who Uses Mixily?

Since we already know that Mixily is a virtual events platform, it is all about hosting online and physical events. We can easily figure out its users. Creators, business owners, event managers, or anyone who fancies hosting events can use Mixily’s superpowers.

In this Mixily Review you will know that Mixily makes it easy, seamless, and authentic for creators to handle events and visitors. Mixily proves to be one of the finest platforms for small businesses and independent entrepreneurs. Since they work individually or have tiny teams, small brands need not hire special event managers when they can just do it all with Mixily. 

Not just small companies but even big companies find the tool useful. Moreover, any individual can sell tickets, and bring their community right on their website with Mixily’s Virtual Venue. Educators also use Mixily to conduct sessions. 

Mixily Features

As you saw above, Mixily has three basic features. Let’s discuss each one by one in this Mixily review.

Creates Event Landing Pages

As the name suggests, you can create landing pages for your events with this Mixily feature. You can add the date, location, and details of your event. Uploading an event image is also possible with this feature. You may schedule messages, embed gifs, and engage your visitors in a poll. This feature also lets you keep contact lists on hand for repeated occasions. It also includes a calendar of events on your website.

Creates Guest Lists, Sell Tickets & Gathers RSVPs

Generate ticketing tiers for all your events smoothly with this feature. You can connect your bank account with Stripe too. Want to include promo codes and suggestion donations? This Mixily feature will help you with that. Receive payouts before your event and track your ticket sales using the revenue dashboard.

Custom Branded Video Calls

You can create a customized virtual event venue with your logo and preferred color palette.

Also get intelligent screen sharing and text chat support. You can even expand it if you want. You can integrate your venue directly into your website or host it on Mixily. It also encourages your visitors to take the desired action through personalized CTAs.

Moving further, Mixily also acts as one space for your online community. When we get into this, we can explore some more features like:

Virtual Venue Features

  • Unlimited call duration
  • 200 people can participate in an audio and video event
  • Text messaging with moderators, reactions, and images
  • Screen sharing
  • Grid view plus speaker view
  • Participants with no Mixily accounts can join an event
  • Visitors can take part without using plug-ins or apps
  • Customizable suiting to your branding needs
  • Copy-paste the automatically created code into your webpage

Ticketing Features

  • Contact lists
  • Date polls
  • Recurring Events
  • Integrations with Zapier
  • No extra or hidden ticket charges
  • Zero upfront costs
  • Automatic and scheduled reminders
  • Virtual location detector
  • Promo codes
  • CSV reporting
  • Comment wall
  • Guest emailing
  • Public listing page
  • Phone number collection library
  • Donations
  • A personalized purchase confirmation text
  • Ticketing types tier-wise
  • GIFs and images
  • Strong privacy policy

Mixily Pricing Plans

Mixily Pricing Plans

Now we come down to the pricing plans in this Mixily review. Let’s see what Mixily offers in this case.

Unlike most tools, Mixily doesn’t charge a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. Rather, it’s free to host free events or gather RSVPs. Mixily only charges for events that sell tickets. 

You get charged 1% and $.30 for each paid ticket sold to organize an event that requires tickets. This includes those events also that are donation or contribution-based. Additionally, Mixily’s credit card processor charges a fee of $.30 and 2.9% on every transaction. To find out how much you could earn on your tickets, you can use Mixily’s charge calculator. 

Here are some important points to note for Mixily’s ticket pricing:

  • Mixily Fee- 1% + $0.30 per ticket
  • Payment Processor- 2.9% + $0.30 (or 0.44 CAD) per order

There’s a pricing plan available for the Virtual Venue. Here’s the look:

  • Starter- Free
  • Individual- $30/month
  • Community- $100/month

How Useful Is Mixily?

On a scale of 10, anybody would give Mixily a full 10 when it comes to its usefulness. We mean, why not? It is one of the best virtual event software.

Taking a guess, your data is presumably now dispersed over several tools (Google Calendar, MailChimp, Zoom, Eventbrite, Facebook, and so on). Mixily keeps your data organized and saves you time by serving as your one-stop event management tool.

From creators and event managers to entrepreneurs and individuals, all find Mixily worth their time and money. People can use Mixily even for hosting classes and certain sessions like yoga, tuitions, etc. So, it also serves an educational purpose.

Mixily significantly lowers all the effort that goes into hosting events by automating it. Given this, you can use your time and focus on other important commitments. Therefore, we can consider that Mixily’s users do enjoy the best-case scenario.

Mixily Pros & Cons


  • The user interface comes with a fresh, and modern design. This gives you ease of access.
  • Mixily provides high-level customer service to its users.
  • The various features allow you to design and organize different types of events.
  • The pricing is simple for you and your attendees to understand. Your guests get no hidden or unexpected extra ticket charges. And the fees get deducted from your payout, so your guests don’t feel deceived.
  • You get an amazing dashboard. It is very user-friendly. Managing invites and guests, tracking RSVPs, and ticket sales are just easy with Mixily.
  • You save hours because of the automated process of Mixily.
  • Mixily is more affordable than many of its alternatives available in the market.
  • It works great for mobile.
  • It is ad and spam free.


There aren’t many disadvantages to Mixily. Yet, we have mentioned some factors to watch out for in this Mixily review:

  • Mixily comes with only a few custom and elaborate designs.
  • It has the smallest of the services provided to the users.
  • It’s not a very popular software. Anybody who hears about it might not feel confident about joining it when we have other famous and safe options. 

Mixily Alternatives

If you’re not confident about Mixily, don’t worry. Scroll below to find some of its alternatives in this Mixily review.


Eventbrite-Mixily Review

Eventbrite is a platform for ticketing and event technology. It assists organizations in planning and selling tickets for events online. It also helps individuals in finding events that pique their interests. Eventbrite hosts events of every kind, from workshops to concerts to conferences to renowned film and music festivals. You can use the robust Eventbrite platform online or through mobile apps. It is free for free events. 


  • Essentials plan- 2% + $0.79/ paid ticket
  • Professional plan- 3.5% + $1.59/ paid ticket
  • Premium plan- Customizable pricing plan



Cvent is your top-notch event management solution that comes with a wide range of practical features. It gets support from the technology for mobile event apps. With its fully integrated platform, it enables online event registration and aids in venue sourcing. Managing attendees, clients, vendors, guest lists, sponsorships, travel arrangements, etc is all easy with Cvent. 

Pricing –  Cvent offers only custom pricing to its users. You’ll need to sign up to get a quote from the team.



Bizzabo is a full-packed event management software. It has a tonne of tools for registering and scheduling events. This program has features like self-check-in, surveys, and feedback, online group registration, payment processing, and social media promotion. Given this, even the most picky consumers are happy with its functional value. A few conference elements, such as ticketing and sponsorship management, are also a part of Bizzabo. 

Bizzabo’s pricing model starts at $15,000 per year. It depends on the usage. 

Create Events That Save Time & Money

Say bye-bye to the headache of organizing an event! Because with Mixily, you can keep track of all the details of your event. Invite guests, collect payments, and send calendar invites and reminders altogether with one application. No more switching over several tabs and programs to do it all because Mixily has got you covered!

In this Mixily review, we discussed everything you need to know about Mixily. And decide whether it caters to all your hosting requirements. Create beautiful event pages, guest lists, and much more, with zero nuisance of ads, and spam with Mixily. Design not just a better digital community but a home for them and make all your events successful with booming revenue and meeting goals.

We hope that with this Mixily review, you’re able to find your best event management partner. Happy eventing!


What is Mixily?

Mixily is a great platform for hosting virtual & physical events. It automates the whole process of event planning & execution. You can make event landing pages, guest lists, RSVPs, ticketing process, and more easily.

Is Mixily free to use?

Yes! Mixily is free to use for free events. Yet, it has a ticketing price. If you create an event that sells tickets, Mixily charges a fraction of the amount from it. See what you earn with Mixily’s calculator.

What kinds of events can you host on Mixily?

Mixily is a flexible platform that you can utilize for various gatherings of all sizes, both private and public. You can host casual, social gatherings or professional collaborators meetings with Mixily.

Will my guests have to sign in to RSVP?

No. Visitors and guests may register their name and email on your event page or RSVP with just one click from the invitation email. They need to sign up or create a new account.

Can I use Mixily for my classes and events?

Yes! You can organize a public event without having to send out invitations to a specific group of people. People can then register and purchase tickets, and you can easily keep track of attendees. 

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