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Linguix Review: The Best AI Writing Assistant

Published On: September 14, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Linguix Review: The Best AI Writing Assistant

Having a good grasp of the language and excellent writing skills is beneficial in all aspects of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re at school, university, work, or anywhere else. 

However, some people struggle and find it hard to express their minds precisely in words, and that’s when a ai content writing tool might come in handy. Having a reliable assistant to help with assignments, exam preparation, and business articles is like finding a true friend who stays by your side.

With today’s technology, such a friend is just a click away in the form of writing tools. And Linguix is one of them.

Linguix can be the most user-friendly and affordable writing tool to rewrite and enhance your content. This Linguix review will be your holy grail to explore the endless possibilities of the software. In more detail, let’s go over Linguix’s usage, features, pricing, utility, advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives.

What Is Linguix?

Linguix review - AI writing assistant

Linguix is an AI-based writing helper and grammar checker for writers and business professionals. It immediately improves all content pieces, including emails, texts, and much more. Linguix also works as a paraphrasing tool that allows you to get context-appropriate recommendations. Moreover, it also speeds up your work with clever shortcuts.

Business professionals and writers are widely using Linguix to have perfect content. It’s a tool that’s very easy to use. The online app, browser extensions, and mobile keyboards are part of the Linguix toolset. You can either download the web app, install the chrome extension or download the app on your mobile and you’ll be good to go! 

The founders of Linguix Writing Assistant are Alex Lashkov, Vitaly Kukharenko, and Alex Buchmann. As a non-native English speaker, Alex has long wished for a writing program that would not only check grammar but also make writing more accessible and improve his language abilities to communicate more effectively with content.

Guess what? Alex wasn’t the only one who was having trouble. Drawing inspiration from this, he began developing such software with his team’s support to assist people worldwide.

Who Uses Linguix?

Linguix is designed for marketers, SEO professionals, web developers, and non-native English writers. It’s built to serve one specific function that allows you to be more convincing and accurate with words.

Millions of people are using Linguix all over the globe for various purposes. Business experts primarily use it for marketing and SEO objectives to customize content in an audience-specific way. They can tell if they’re bringing out the most amazing content for their target audience this way. 

Students use it for homework and study support because it has features like vocabulary augmentation, relevant synonym suggestions, and an auto-typer. We’ll look at the features further in this Linguix Review.

Linguix Features 

Linguix has been putting its opponents to the test by providing an unfathomable number of features. Both the free and paid versions have several features to offer. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s making such a stir in the user community.

The Linguix database of corrections, stocked by language experts, allows users to check their spelling and grammar wherever they write on the web, thanks to the free-to-download Chrome/Mozilla/Edge extension. As you write, get suggestions from popular sites like Facebook, Gmail, and LinkedIn.

The Linguix application’s content-building tool allows users to create their text and use spell-checking, grammar-checking, and style-checking reviews created by professional writers and linguists.

Linguix is an excellent editing tool. Premium users can now access advanced writing insights, which were previously available in the application, directly from the extension on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. 

Features In Plans

Linguix comes with a free and paid version. The free plan for life includes basic writing, grammar, spell-check, and other functions. The premium versions, however, have a lot more to offer.

  • First and foremost, the dashboard never upsets you. Consequently, making the setup very easy and user-friendly.
  • Alerts and notifications work seamlessly by detecting errors and notifying the users in seconds.
  • Are we talking about contextual guidelines? You get it all with Linguix.
  • Don’t like the template or the look of your dashboard? You can customize it, yes.
  • Linguix comes with an in-built dictionary, grammar check, as discussed before, and a document review option.
  • From punctuation check to style check and spell check, everything is possible with Linguix.
  • Linguix also provides real-time updates, reporting & statistics, and analytics. 
  • While monitoring your overall content, text editing, and reviewing, third-party integrations and user Management are also part of Linguix’s fantastic features.

Linguix has two paid plans and a team plan available- a monthly and an annual one. Depending on the need and budget, one can choose accordingly.

If you are a regular user, however, you can save up to 50% by purchasing an annual plan rather than a monthly plan 12 times a year.

However, a team plan is available for people working in groups or businesses, giving them access to all Linguix features such as style guides, team management, shared documents, writing insights, grammar help, synonyms, word dictionary, unlimited rewrites, and performance statistics.

Linguix Pricing Plans

Linguix review - pricing plan

The price structure of Linguix is more affordable than its alternatives. So far, customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with the majority rating Linguix as a 5 in terms of value for money. 

A monthly premium subscription to Linguix costs $14.99 per month. Monthly plans, on the other hand, start at $8. Also, a very different goal is available for people working in teams or as a part of a business team which gives access to centralized billing, team management tools, business style guides to ensure consistent communication, and more.

With the paid extensions, you can also check grammar on millions of websites, get advanced security, and write faster. The pricing and offer of this application were a significant selling element that helped Linguix writing assistant compete with other writing assist tools in terms of pricing plans. 

Ultimately, when comparing Linguix’s pricing plans to those of other writing tools, the experience is pleasant; the price is reasonable without compromising the software’s quality. Linguix is worth noting in this regard.

How Useful Is Linguix?

The Linguix writing assist tool might prove as the best writing assistant for four key users:

1. Budget-conscious freelance writers

Linguix is a tool you can use for personal and professional purposes. It has several tools that work together to help you become a better writer. Linguix has demonstrated its ability to help millions of people worldwide improve their content and expand their reach. 

2. Students

While writing essays for school and colleges can take up to 2-3 hours, tools like Linguix can save students time and effort by eliminating the time spent looking for errors and proofreading. It also makes tasks like making notes, assignments, and projects much less time-consuming and effortless.

3. Businesses

Reaching the target or new and broader audience in a professional space seems challenging because every audience is different, and winning them over with immaculate transmission is the key. Hence, Linguix enables businesses to get a far-off global audience by communicating better and generating revenue. 

4. Website Publishers

Website publishing sounds more accessible and less time-consuming when you can obtain advice on making your writing clear, captivating, and native with this phenomenal paraphrase engine. On average, the grammatical check for lengthy texts runs 200 percent faster with Linguix. Any changes are reviewed immediately and without delay.

Linguix Pros and Cons

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant with advanced features which make it perfect for any writer. But it also has a few limitations that you must consider. So, let us discuss the pros and cons in detail in this Linguix review to help you decide-


  • Linguix leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence to find grammatical, contextual, structuring, and readability issues.
  • It makes highly accurate recommendations that are at par with the best writing assistants.
  • It is an online tool that offers a simple and intuitive interface. It provides enhanced ease of use from anywhere you want!
  • It has powerful browser plugins that let you use it on any website, including email and social networks.
  • It also comes with paraphrasing and an innovative automated typing tool that sets it apart from similar devices.
  • Linguix also provides numerous templates to help you write diverse content quickly.
  • The grammar checker, templates, and paraphrasing tools are free to use!


  • It currently does not have a free plagiarism checking tool.
  • It does not integrate with Microsoft Word.
  • The ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses, but not otherwise because the application lacks some critical functions.
  • It is not yet polished as much as other successful paraphrasing tools.
  • It sometimes gives wrong spelling suggestions and error prompts.

Linguix Alternatives

Because each user is unique and operates in their way, one option may or may not work for them. So, if you’re still indecisive about whether this tool is the correct platform even after reading our Linguix review, here are some options to consider.


Grammarly, the most popular writing assistance tool, comes with many unique features, including real-time analytics, document export, content management, monitoring, and a plagiarism detector. 


It is one tool that allows you to select a variety of English dialects in addition to different writing styles. It looks for subordinate clauses, hidden verbs, the passive voice, several phrases that begin with the same word, adverbs used outside dialogue, and more. Compared with ProWritingAid, one cannot customize the different writing styles and versions of English with Linguix.


For English, French, German, Polish, Russian, and more than 20 other languages, LanguageTool is an Open Source proofreading AI tool. Since so many languages are available in this tool, specifications over one language might not be an option. Unlike LanguageTool, Linguix only works with the English language.


Ginger is yet another alternative for Linguix as an AI writing assistant tool. Like any writing help software, web checks and Chrome extensions are available with Ginger. It also gives you a choice to switch between American and British English.

Along with the above Linguix substitutes, AI tools such as the Hemingway App, SlickWrite, Sapling, Paper Rater, GradeProof, and 1Checker are some of the other alternatives which can be a go-to option in place of Linguix.

We are now at the end of our Linguix review!

Get Ready To Improve Your Writing With Linguix

Since we have come this far with our Linguix writing assistant review, let’s summarize on a quick note that Linguix can be considered one of the best online grammar checker tools.

As inexpensive and convenient as it is to use, Linguix operates quickly and is generally extremely precise. It offers all the features offered by its competitors and some outstanding ones. The user interface is also excellent and extremely tidy.

We hope this Linguix review has been helpful to you!


What is Linguix?

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant that help make your writing error-free. It also has many other features that help in writing better content. It is a good choice if you need an affordable proofreader with advanced features.

Is Linguix really useful?

Linguix is undoubtedly a handy AI tool for writing help. Whether you need to create a corporate report, a social media post, an academic or research paper, or anything else entirely, you can rely on Linguix. 

Is Linguix better than Grammarly?

Both Grammarly and Linguix are helpful writing tools. Linguix is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable device. However, Grammarly is a well-rounded writing aid that provides additional features.

Is Linguix free?

Linguix has a free plan which includes grammar checks, rewriter, shortcuts, and unlimited word definitions. Moreover, it has a premium edition with more features and different prices.

What is the price of Linguix?

An annual price of $8 per month and a $14.99 monthly plan is what Linguix is offering right now. You get full access to all features like advanced grammar corrections, AI-based rewriting, and so on with Linguix Premium.

What are some good alternatives to Linguix?

Grammarly, ProWritingAid, LanguageTool, Ginger, Hemingway App, SlickWrite, Sapling, Paper Rater, GradeProof, and 1Checker are some excellent alternatives to Linguix.

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