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Hypotenuse AI Review: The Best AI Writing Tool

Published On: September 15, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Hypotenuse AI Review: The Best AI Writing Tool

It’s 2022. Technology is skyrocketing today, and so is digital marketing. If you’re a writer or a marketer, you know that you can’t do it all just with a skilled team. You also need the right tools to get the job done! Because now it’s not about ‘who’ can do it but who can do it BETTER. 

So, if you’re looking for a writing tool that’s versatile, efficient, and affordable, then you should check out Hypotenuse AI. Wondering how it can help you? Here’s a quick Hypotenuse AI review for you!

In this Hypotenuse AI review, we’ll take a look at everything Hypotenuse AI has to offer. We’ll discuss the features, pros & cons, pricing plans, alternatives, and more. Read till the end to explore how you can zoom up your productivity as a writer or a marketer with Hypotenuse AI.

What Is Hypotenuse AI?

Hypotenuse AI Review

As the name suggests, Hypotenuse AI is a writing tool that comes with the power of AI(artificial intelligence). From blog content to marketing copies or anything you might need for an e-commerce campaign, Hypotenuse AI can take care of it all! To get things going, you must provide a bit of input, and Hypotenuse will handle the rest.

Low Lin-Hui (Lin) is the co-founder of Hypotenuse AI. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, Banking, and Finance. Later, she completed her MBA from The Berlin School of Economics and Law. She worked at Stripe in sales and user operations for 4 years. Moreover, she’s a co-owner of Verano Avarcas, a local business retailing avarcas (a style of Spanish leather sandals) in Singapore.

The team while creating Hypotenuse AI aimed at turning around the content process with AI superpowers. What took weeks to do will take only days now- this was the initial goal of Hypotenuse AI. While cutting down the writing process by half, this AI copywriter ensured that marketing became easier. Gradually, everyone with content specific needs, started using this tool.

Who Uses Hypotenuse AI?

We like to think of Hypotenuse AI as a tool for everyone. Whether you’re a writer, a student, or a professional, Hypotenuse AI can help make the process easier.

But it’s not limited to just that! 

Businesses can use it to create content for their websites. SEO analysts can optimize the content and generate more traffic to their sites. Digital marketers and e-commerce companies can leverage it to add more to their marketing strategy and scale up by boosting their revenue and overall performance. Students benefit from Hypotenuse AI by improving their essays. Additionally, freelancers can use great features at a great price to cater to all their needs.

In a nutshell, anyone who wants to improve their writing skills can use Hypotenuse AI.

Hypotenuse AI Features

Hypotenuse AI puts a range of features on the table. Let’s see what they are in this Hypotenuse AI review.

New Image Generation

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. This feature of Hypotenuse AI sounds unique to us, and it might appear the same to you. How? Let’s see here.

Ever thought of designing unique personalized images that go along with your content without a graphic designer? Obviously not! But with Hypotenuse AI, you can! 

The text-to-image AI generator lets you get visuals for any content or scenario. This feature is highly advanced and detailed. Just describe what you’d like to see, and you automatically get the creatives within a short period. The AI creates images from scratch each time you use it. It works with the database of millions of web images and the guidance of professional artists and designers.

Bulk Generation

Now you can create well-written and keyword-optimized bulk content quickly and effortlessly with Hypotenuse AI. You can say goodbye to time-consuming content production with the bulk AI writing generator.

Any online marketing strategy must include content since it is a key component. So, instead of wasting time by creating one content piece at a time, use this feature to produce a multiple of them swiftly and effortlessly. 

  • Import & export your data easily: Quickly generate top-notch content for your website using the bulk content generator. With only a few clicks, import Shopify CSV titles and keywords into this tool.
  • Multiple languages & a range of tones: Create human-like content in various languages by choosing from a range of tonal options.
  • Optimize for SEO, thousands of pieces of content at a time: Optimize your content for the keywords you want to rank higher for. Your website or blog will receive more traffic as a result.
  • Streamlined workflow & batch management: With the user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily generate and edit your content in one place. 

Blog Articles

Guess what you can do within 5 minutes? Don’t know about other things, but you can surely create a fresh, original article. This feature lets you transform a few input lines into surprisingly excellent titles, outlines, and paragraphs. This is how it works: –

  • Step 1: Write a topic and SEO keyword to generate a blog.
  • Step 2: Choose your topics from the automated outline created by Hypotenuse AI.
  • Step 3: Generate the first draft.

Product Description Generator

It is an all-inclusive tool for creating product descriptions. 

Use AI to generate new descriptions for your product detail pages, rephrase current content, and edit content smoothly. You just need to upload your product images, add a short product description, and voila! Your unique copy will be there within minutes.

Slogan And Headline Generator

Get customized slogans right away with this feature. You can create eye-catching, original headlines and slogans with the help of artificial intelligence. You get tailored slogans according to your target market and company. With this feature, you can cut short your brainstorming process for slogan ideas.

Instagram Captions Generator

How to reach a wider reach and become a new sensation? Spruce up your social media presence!

The key is to write engaging captions that compel readers to pause and continue reading your posts. Make quick use of this feature for generating creative Instagram captions. It will make your content irresistible and increase interaction with the users. Now, persuade your audience to take action with strong content and copies.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads Creator

Highly personalized and unique headlines can get your ad more clicks. Online marketing campaigns using Google and Facebook ads can be very effective. However, the right headlines and descriptions, though, are challenging to come up with. Hence, Hypotenuse saves your day with this amazing feature!

Hypotenuse AI Pricing Plans

Hypotenuse AI Pricing Plans

The question of pricing always pops up in our minds whenever we discuss a new product. So, how much does cost? Get your answer in this section of our Hypotenuse AI review.

You get three paid plans with this AI writing assistant. Also, you can try the first two for free (with limited credits).

Starter Plan

  • This plan is ideal for brands and freelancers who want to produce polished and persuasive copies.
  • It starts at $29 per month with 1 user seat.
  • You get 75 credits per month.
  • There’s access to the Blog article writer, Bulk product descriptions, and Google, Facebook, and Instagram copy generator.
  • You get 200 AI images (50 generations).
  • You can write in 20+ languages.
  • You get a standard AI model with this plan.
  • Email support for all users.

Growth Plan

  • This plan is best for power users, content teams, and agencies scaling up content processes.
  • It starts at $59 per month with 250 credits.
  • You get all the features of the Starter Plan.
  • There’s access to unlimited AI images.
  • You get a plagiarism checker.
  • Priority email and chat support for the users.

Enterprise Plan

  • This plan is great for content teams looking for personalized, on-brand storytelling.
  • You get annual license-based pricing, including overage buffers.
  • There’s access to everything in the Growth Plan.
  • You get a custom AI model tailored to your brand voice.
  • There’s special access to API.
  • Organization management and user roles for teams
  • You get your own personal account manager.

How Useful Is Hypotenuse AI?

Users of Hypotenuse AI have to say that the app works like magic. 

It’s a great writing tool that’s helped people streamline their processes and get more work done. Let’s see how:

  • Bloggers increase traffic and revenue by producing high-quality articles that readers find interesting and informative.
  • To increase sales and e-commerce, use SEO-focused marketing and product descriptions.
  • Content marketers and SEO specialists access the scalable, consistent content they need to rank well in search results.
  • Paid and social media marketers get all the copy ideas and variations they need to take their campaigns to the next level. It also leaves ample room for experimenting.
  • Brands use all these features to get going with their specific demands and reach their business goals.
  • It also makes copywriting a piece of cake for copywriters.

Hypotenuse AI Pros & Cons

We’ve highlighted some of the pros and cons of this tool in this Hypotenuse AI review.


  • Hypotenuse AI it’s efficient. You can write more in less time, which is always a plus. 
  • The customer service is excellent. They’re always willing to help and answer any questions you have.
  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Hypotenuse AI works like an add-on to your skills. So, it’s a great way to improve your writing skills. Plus, you become a more efficient writer.
  • The feedback you get is super-specific and helps you identify and fix your mistakes.
  • Your workflow gets simple and competent by the bulk job management and filtering.


There aren’t many disadvantages of using Hypotenuse AI. But there’s this thing-

You can’t entirely depend on the AI text generator. It’s so because you get the automated text that requires editing on a human level. You’ll see repeated words and sentences sometimes under various headings. You’ll need to pay attention to that and make modifications accordingly.

Hypotenuse AI Alternatives

Don’t worry if Hypotenuse AI doesn’t fit your needs. Find its alternatives in this Hypotenuse AI review below:

1. Writecream

Writecream-Hypotenuse AI Review

Backed by GPT-3, Writecream is an AI-Powered writing assistant. Users often forget what it’s like to write for hours, thanks to Writecream’s cutting-edge machine learning technology. You can say bye-bye to mediocre content. It is because the many incredible features of Writecream let you escape the never-ending struggle of working for hours. And produce better quality content.


  • Free Forever- $0
  • Unlimited $29/month
  • Standard- $49/month
  • Extended- $69/month

2. InstaCopy


InstaCopy is yet another AI-powered tool. You can create human-like content for social media, websites, sales copy, online ads, and more. You get fresh, plagiarism-free, and quality marketing content with InstaCopy within seconds! So, with InstaCopy, forget writer’s block and leverage the best of AI content writing. Write words that sell and get you more leads and conversions.


  • Free-$0
  • Copywriter- $39
  • Content Writer- $49


For you to generate better content, uses AI and the expertise of copywriters. You can achieve this by creating a library of your preferred writing genres. For example, inspirational, confident, and simple. You can generate content in German, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese (simplified).


  • Starter- $35/month 
  • Growth- $199/month

Content Writing At Your Fingertips With Hypotenuse AI

This was all with this Hypotenuse AI review. And if you care to know our final thoughts, here’s what we think: –

We absolutely loved Hypotenuse AI! It’s an amazing tool for writing, and it makes the process so much easier and faster. Also, compared to other writing tools, it has great value. This tool has everything you need to produce high-quality content, including a built-in plagiarism checker, a thesaurus, and a grammar checker. And that’s not all. Hypotenuse AI also offers a range of features curated to help you improve your writing skills. For example, it gives insights into your writing style. And it works as a collaboration tool that allows you to work with your team members and writers.

So, can we say that it’s the best AI writing assistant? Certainly, no, but ONE of the best, yes!

Hypotenuse AI is well worth the hype. Plus, it’s easy to use. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to get started. Just open up the tool and start writing! And we think it’s doing a pretty good job so far. 1,000+ companies worldwide trust Hypotenuse AI, including Living Spaces, Vogue, Tobi, Marie Claire, and more. Besides, the team is constantly working to make the app even better. So, what’s stopping you from giving it a try? 

We hope this Hypotenuse AI review will help you make an informed decision.


What is Hypotenuse AI?

The platform Hypotenuse AI employs AI to generate content. You can get product descriptions, advertisements, and article writing, automatically within minutes.

How does it work?

You type in a topic or keyword, and Hypotenuse AI will generate a list of related topics and subtopics for you to choose from. Create an outline for your article, and generate content. 

Is Hypotenuse AI free?

You can try the paid plans for free but with limited credits. However, you get to use all the features within this limited time and number of credits. You’ll have to buy a paid plan once you exhaust all your free credits.

Is Hypotenuse AI trustworthy?

More than 1000 plus brands and individuals trust Hypotenuse AI including Vogue, Living Spaces, Marie Claire, Tobi, and more. It is, indeed, very trustworthy to handle your everyday content needs.

How can I integrate Shopify with Hypotenuse AI?

You can integrate Shopify with Hypotenuse AI with just one click. It seamlessly connects with your Shopify store & automatically bundles up your product information. So, you can create product descriptions with no hassle.

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