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Hippo Video Review: The Best Video Engagement Platform

Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Hippo Video Review: The Best Video Engagement Platform

It is not hard to accept that text-based emails drive you little or zero conversions. Well, that’s why it’s high time you embrace video as a medium to garner prospect attention and generate more conversions. 

Big companies are already on top of their game and are leveraging videos to personalize their interactions with prospects to increase sales. As a result, their conversions are already skyrocketing.

Hippo Video is one such tool that enables you to scale up your outreach strategy for customized videos to land more sales. Let’s look thoroughly through this tool in this Hippo Video review.

and get to know the various aspects – features, price, advantages and drawbacks and alternatives. You can then decide whether Hippo Video is worth it or not.

What Is Hippo Video?

Hippo video review

Hippo Video is a video personalization and distribution platform for B2B sales teams. It utilizes integrated video workflows to help businesses achieve their marketing and sales objectives. More than 5000 companies worldwide rely on it as one of the best video emailing tools. That’s not all, video marketing has become more manageable than ever, thanks to Hippo Video.

Hippo Video, a cloud-based video CX platform by Lyceum Technologies Inc, Newark, Delaware, came into existence in 2016. Karthi Marappan S, the man behind building successful Zoho products, is the co-founder and CEO of Hippo Video. Karthi Marappan has 16 years of experience as a product strategist, marketer, and product manager. He built Zoho Recruit, Zoho People, OpManager, and Studio.

Karthi’s outstanding expertise, passion for identifying new markets, and keen interest in scaling up business growth might have inspired Hippo Video.

Who Uses Hippo Video?

Marketing firms, corporate executives, and practically everyone who wants to make videos with a specific purpose can use Hippo Video.

Hippo Video is used by millions of people worldwide for a variety of purposes.

Using the tool, you can create videos that genuinely connect with potential customers and increase revenue. It also adds a human touch to selling and increases engagement.

Hippo Video is a video marketing tool specially designed for marketers. It offers a comprehensive solution with resources to turn spectators into paying clients.

This tool is also used in the classroom by instructors and trainers. It helps create virtual classrooms where you can record, edit and share lectures to improve learning.

Hippo Video Features

Let’s now talk about the features of the tool in this Hippo Video review.

Hippo Video comes with many features such as video campaigns, selling, and personalization.

With changing trends, marketing approaches also need to be changed time-to-time. The traditional spray-and-pray method of bulk and cold emailing might not work anymore.

Using a creative curve to surprise your audience should be your new goal for better outreach. Hippo Video is exactly the tool to turn this vision into reality. 

Hippo Video has made video messaging fun and entertaining with loaded features like integrated workflows, repeatability and reportability, hosting, management, video creation, software delivery, and analytics.

Talking about the pricing plans, Hippo Video offers a free trial plan and four different paid plans:

  • Starter 
  • Pro
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

These plans are available for annual, quarterly, and monthly subscriptions.

The price with each plan varies according to whether you’re using the app for:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Team Communication 

Hippo Video Pricing Plans

Hippo video pricing plans

View the various pricing editions listed below to determine which edition and features fit your needs and budget. A point worth noting is that Hippo Video allows you to try all the paid plans for free for a certain period.

With Hippo Video, you get a number of features available on the free trial plan, such as: 

  • Limitless HD recordings 
  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • GIF Thumbnails
  • Trim Only Function
  • The Mobile App
  • Hippo Video Professional Branding
  • Notifications Update

The Starter Plan:

The user gets to have all the features available for free, along with the following features as an addition:

  • Full HD recordings
  • Reports in Gmail
  • Default Sales Pages
  • Adding Text in Videos

The pricing for this plan according to different versions goes like this:

  • Sales- $15 annually, $17 quarterly, $19 monthly
  • Marketing- $23 annually, $25 quarterly, $29 monthly
  • Support- $10 annually, $12 quarterly, $14 monthly
  • Team Communication- $4 annually, $5 quarterly, $6 monthly

The Pro Plan

The user gets to have all the features available in the starter plan along with the following features as an addition:

  • Video Organization into Folders
  • Editing Videos
  • Virtual Background Editing
  • Default Sales Pages
  • Creating Sales Pages
  • Teleprompter
  • LinkedIn, HubSpot, Zapier, and Klenty Integration
  • CTAs & Meeting Link
  • Branding Customization and URL
  • Email, Chat & Phone Support

The pricing for this plan according to different versions goes like this:

  • Sales- $30 annually, $35 quarterly, $40 monthly
  • Marketing- $49 annually, $54 quarterly, $59 monthly
  • Support- $29 annually, $35 quarterly, $39 monthly
  • Team Communication- $15 annually, $20 quarterly, $25 monthly

The Growth Plan

The user gets to have all the features available in the pro plan along with the following features as an addition:

  • Customizable Sales Pages
  • Documents in Sales Pages
  • Video Campaigns
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Advanced Video Reports
  • Team Reports
  • User Roles
  • People Tab
  • Auto Generate Subtitle – 120 mins

The pricing for this plan according to different versions goes like this:

  • Sales- $48 annually, $55 quarterly, $65 monthly
  • Marketing- $99 annually, $103 quarterly, $109 monthly
  • Support- $49 annually, $54 quarterly, $59 monthly
  • Team Communication- $20 annually, $30 quarterly, $40 monthly

The Enterprise Plan

The user gets to have all the features available in the growth plan along with the following features as an addition:

  • SSO
  • Salesforce Advanced Integration
  • Custom Sales Page Templates
  • Video Template Builder
  • Profiles and Permissions
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Unlike other plans, this enterprise plan is available only with the sales version. The price for this plan is:

  • $79 annually
  • $89 quarterly
  • $99 monthly

Hippo Video is an excellent tool to bridge the gap between client interactions and sales. Try one of these plans to see how it works for you. 

How Useful Is Hippo Video?

Many business and marketing experts use video marketing to succeed. Embedding engaging videos on their websites and emails fetches them great results-

Businesses are using Hippo Video to create videos that help them explain tech solutions better.  and email videos for engaging better with their audience. Even real estate is into creating videos of their properties and Hippo video helps with the same.  

The same goes for travel and Tourism. They use Hippo Video to create exciting videos with background music that escalates the customer experience. 

Even advertisements for Healthcare sectors use the tool for creating appealing videos. 

You can use the tool to pitch your products and services to the target audience by providing them with a personalized experience.

Hippo Video Pros & Cons

Now it’s time for the pros and cons of the tool in this Hippo Video review!


  • It is beginner-friendly. The Hippo Video program is quite easy to set up.
  • It is really convenient to use. You can create and edit videos with a few clicks!
  • Hippo makes it simple to customize video at scale; with just a few clicks, you can add video clips and alter a ready-made video.
  • You need to use any other app for additional features. You can edit videos with Hippo Video and directly upload them to Youtube.
  • The application includes a functional Chrome plugin.
  • Excellent client focus is present in the software. The team is always ready to help and support.
  • You can effortlessly share your videos on social networks. 
  • Branding was never so simple with a top bar logo, a player logo, a favicon, a page title, and your own domain.
  • Hippo Video helps you brand your shared videos.
  • It facilitates straightforward video messaging.
  • Hippo Video makes it easy. Working with complex video editing features like background music, script timer, and email videos is very easy.


  • The “pro edit” option takes some time to load, and the editing functions are not quick.
  • The user interface has some elements that are not immediately obvious. There is room for development.
  • The product development plan is shorter than anticipated.

Hippo Video Alternatives

Making the perfect choice can be challenging, especially with so many tech deals coming and going on a regular basis.

This Hippo Video review is all about helping you choose better. Therefore, in case you feel that Hippo Video wouldn’t be of much use to you, here are some Hippo Video alternatives that might work exceptionally well for you:

1. PlayStory


PlayStory is one of the finest Hippo Video alternatives around. You can create Interactive videos with this video-making software to boost conversions, engagement, and revenue. 

PlayStory makes it easier to deliver interactive video messages to your customers. It provides a personalized approach to your marketing, making it more effective.

You only need to record or upload a video and add elements, and your video will be ready to share. Video management, analytics, integrations, and much more is possible with PlayStory. It offers a free plan along with 3 other paid plans:

  • Growth- $59/mo, $49 yearly
  • Pro- $99/mo. $49 yearly
  • Enterprise- Custom plans for teams

Accelerate video marketing with PlayStory – Sign up!

2. Dubb


Dubb is a platform for hosting videos to foster connections and close business sales. It’s a sales-driven video platform that enables you to share videos taken with a camera or on a screen to increase sales.

Dubb video suite also allows you to access the software through a Chrome extension and a website. You can keep a personalized portfolio and also share it with others. The software can integrate Slack, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other services.

Dubb offers several plans for the users. A free plan is also available. However, the pricing starts at $40/mo for the pro plan and $99 for pro plus. 

3. Loom


Loom is a business communication software that uses instantly shareable videos. Users can take screenshots or record videos using their front-facing cameras while adding audio commentary. 

A public URL accessible without a loom account can then be used to share the videos. There are in-depth viewer insights available for information like viewers and lengths of watching. Moreover, you have unlimited video storage, and SSL encryption for improved data protection. Additionally, Slack and Gmail integration for the product is simple.

Loom has a starter plan that’s free to use. Moreover, the business plan is for $8 and has a 14-day trial. And there’s a custom enterprise plan available too. 

Get Ready To Use The Best Video Marketing Tool

We covered the features, applications, price options, advantages and disadvantages, and alternatives to this toolkit in this review. We trust that this Hippo Video review has helped you learn more about this efficient product.

Suppose you’re into marketing or are a freelancer who does cold outreach to prospects. In that case, Hippo Video can be the best emailing tool for you. 

And if you want to explore more about the software, you can always visit the Hippo Video official website. A little more information never hurts anybody, right? 


What is Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is a cutting-edge video marketing tool for businesses and marketing. It enhances sales outreach and marketing automation workflows with in-video and hyper-video personalization.

How do you use Hippo Video?

Users can record, edit, and share video, audio, and screen recordings using the cloud-based video management tool Hippo Video. The software uses a combination of AI and machine learning to create, edit, customize, and offer helpful video messaging and emailing analytics.

Is Hippo Video free?

Yes! Hippo Video does have a free trial version. You can choose the free editor or take up a free trial for a paid version. The free version functions as a webcam and screen recorder online. Create and edit videos online easily using Hippo Video

Does Hippo Video have a watermark?

No. You can record your screen with Hippo Video without adding a watermark. Editing, recording, and sharing your videos to the desired audience is just accessible with Hippo Video.

How to record on Hippo Video?

There is a Chrome Extension for Hippo Video. Start recording by downloading Hippo Video from the Chrome Web Store. Using the ‘AUDIO’ and ‘WEBCAM’ settings, you can record Hippo Video if you added it from the web. Record a video by selecting “RECORD.” Your video can be edited, shared, and exported.

Can I add and edit background music with Hippo Video?

Yes you can! Hippo Video does allow you to add or edit background music while creating your videos. It helps in providing an amazing viewing experience to the audience.

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