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Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar Review: The Best AI Writing Tool

Are you wondering what makes a good content marketing strategy? These are the 4 key features:

  • Researching and SEO
  • Analyzing Competitors
  • Addressing Content Gaps
  • Filling The Blank Space In Content Briefs

To be very honest, this whole process sucks up a major chunk of your time making it a total boomer!

So you must be thinking about what we are getting to! Well, it’s simple. All you need is an AI content writing tool that also works as a search engine optimization software. Guess what? We have one right up our sleeve! is an AI writer that lets you write SEO-friendly content within minutes. Let’s explore what the tool is all about in this review. Also, learn about the pros and cons, pricing plans, features, and much more about

What Is Review is the no.1 Capterra-rated AI software. By identifying the ideal keywords and queries for your post, is a tool that assists you in creating SEO-optimized content. In this review the amazing capabilities that offers not only help you save time but also enable you to carry out in-depth research. 

Making your content rank 1 on Google seems easier now with Additionally, it can generate and improve relevant responses to the queries from your target audience! By speeding up content development, reinvents ways to increase the revenue of businesses, advance their expertise, and improve organic search ranks. came into existence in 2016. Tomas Ratia is the co-founder and CEO of The Harvard alumnus is the co-founder and CEO of 2 more organizations: Gapelia and Dat Ventures. He has worked for around 10 companies in a reputed position. Obviously, Tomas Ratia’s professional network and background are as impressive as his creation.

The idea behind’s creation is very straightforward. In contrast to manual research, adds a layer of intelligence to uncover information by asking questions swiftly. Along with summarizing articles, it also analyzes subjects. Anyone who produces content often should use this SEO content optimization tool. The best part is that speeds up your research so you can concentrate on being creative.

Who Uses’s design model helps to reduce the time-consuming manual work of content creators, SEO specialists, content marketers, and freelancers. Here are some use cases of the tool-

  • Creating content in itself is a long and tedious process. It requires in-depth knowledge and research, writing, and optimization. works as a content generator that helps content creators speed up as it automates most of these tasks.
  • SEO specialists use for keyword research and competitor analysis. This SEO tool proves itself to be their all-in-one content optimization & workflow manager. 
  • Although writing content and SEO is a part of content marketing, it is a daunting task in itself. reduces the time taken and makes the job of content marketers easier.
  • is like a best friend for freelancers. Freelancers looking for AI writers on a budget, use since it does all that they need at an affordable rate. Therefore, you can stop worrying about writer’s block, because has got you covered. Features 

Since there are a lot of features to cover, we have highlighted some of the core features of this SEO tool in our review. 

Automated Content Briefs

More than half of users love this feature. Want to know why?

First of all, the content briefs are AI-generated. If you’re a professional individual or a company, you always need to follow a brief for your first drafts. In this review, you will become acquainted with, which speeds up the procedure. Moreover, it includes the following in content briefs:

  • General overview
  • Questions section
  • SERP
  • Topic clusters
  • Top 20 topic suggestions
  • Headers
  • Statistics and external links

Google Search Console

It is possible to integrate Google Search Console with Now, there’s no need to surf over multiple tabs to do one simple task. This is because combines data from Google Search Console and site-wide content analytics in one place.

Content Scoring

For all the writers out there, you’re always wondering about your content score, aren’t you? Not anymore! is here to guide you throughout your content writing process with your content score and target keywords.

Project Status Settings

This feature is an absolute steal. Because it assists in making the workflow easier not only for the writers but also for their managers. With this setting, you can update your article completion status. This will let others know when the assignments are complete.

Custom Templates

Customizing content within the software has never been easier. The AI tool lets you create your personalized templates for content enhancement and guidance. This feature also makes the work fun.

Content Editor

Forget writing content and then edit it manually or by using multiple tools. lets you do it in a few minutes, in one place. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself. The intuitive content editor comes with all the features of top word processors. This makes editing a piece of cake.

Team Project Folders

Even a little bit of good organization makes complicated tasks easier. Use this feature to organize all your documents into project folders. It works the same both for your team or for your agency clients. 

Outline Builder

The tool lets you outline your tasks beforehand. Generate a layout based on a variety of data points, such as auto-suggest, frequently asked questions by people, and so on. Pricing Plans Pricing Review

Since we have come down here in our review, let’s look at its pricing plans.’s pricing policy will work just right for you. Want to know how?

You get a 5-day money back guarantee on any plan you choose. Also, claims to refund 100% of your money if doesn’t work for you. This gives you a solid reason to try out Now, what are the pricing plans this SEO tool offers? Have a look!


  • $44.99 monthly, $39.99 annually
  • It is ideal for individuals and teams executing an SEO content plan
  • This plan is for 1 user
  • You get 30 document credits


  • $114.99/mo, $99.99 annually
  • This plan is ideal for teams and agencies. 
  • You get 3 user seats ($25/mo per extra) with this plan
  • Get access to unlimited document credits


  • Customizable price
  • This plan is ideal for large teams needing flexibility and custom services
  • Get access to unlimited users
  • Get unlimited document credits

Along with all these plans, you also have an option to choose an addon. The add-on is basically for SEO. And the price for it is $35 every month. With this add-on, you get unlimited access to the Frase AI Writer along with other premium features.

How Useful Is as an AI writer is, indeed, very useful. It is unquestionably a great deal for everyone whose job involves creating and marketing content. quickly curates meaningful SEO-based content briefs and FAQ schemas for content writers, copywriters, content strategists, marketing agencies and bloggers like a human assistant. 

Along with all this, even podcasters, YouTubers, and other content creators can use You can also find out about the interests of your target audiences with the help of

Save time by using the user-friendly interface of to get done with your content probe quickly. This is because it makes the groundwork effortless. Pros & Cons


  •  The AI content writing tool is user and beginner-friendly.
  • The support team is very open to user feedback and replies quickly.
  • The official website offers a crash course for all the beginners out there. Besides, existing users who would like to have more knowledge about the software, in general, can also do this course.
  • organizes live weekly training sessions to help you learn faster. With these product walkthroughs, you can make better use of the AI writer.
  • Along with other resources, also posts blogs about content writing, SEO, digital marketing, and related fields. This way, you can stay more informed about your work.


  • has no plagiarism checker which means even if you buy a paid version, you won’t have one of the most important features of content writing with you.
  • Sometimes, the AI writer and search engine optimization take a bit of time to work. This, in turn, reduces the productivity of the user.
  • The user flow isn’t very great. Sometimes, you spot bugs in the software which make the process challenging instead of smooth.
  •  At times, keywords suggestions are not accurate. Alternatives

If doesn’t seem like your thing, you can check out all the alternatives we have listed in our review here:



InstaCopy is an excellent alternative to It is a very convenient AI-powered writing tool that can work magic on all your writing needs. You can use it to produce writing content that sells. Also generate content for your websites, blogs, sales pitches, ad copy, and social media platforms with InstaCopy.

You can choose among three different pricing options for InstaCopy: 

  • Free: $0
  • Copywriter: $39 monthly
  • Content Writer: $49 monthly

A point to remember: 

The Content Writer plan is for long-form content writers, while the Copywriter plan is for short-form copywriters. 

Craft content faster with InstaCopy – Sign Up!



If you want help in increasing brand recognition, organic traffic, and revenue, use Surfer. It is a content intelligence platform that works just fine. It combines content planning, development, and optimization into one simple process. With Surfer’s smart algorithms, you can uncover the best content opportunities immediately. And plan your content marketing strategy for the coming months along with developing engaging pages.

Pricing plans for Surfer are:

  • Basic: $49 monthly
  • Pro: $99 monthly
  • Business: $199 monthly

MarketMuse review

MarketMuse Suite is a platform for content intelligence and strategy powered by AI. It examines millions of on-demand articles, identifying gaps and possibilities. This AI content writing tool enables marketers to create rewarding high-quality, SEO content. MarketMuse comes with features like SEO auditing and monitoring, SEO content and rankings, and SEO reporting.

Want to know about the pricing plans of MarketMuse? Have a look!

  • Free: $0
  • Standard: $7,200/year (customizable)
  • Premium: $12,000/year (customizable)

Hire Your Own AI Assistance On Budget!

Now that we are finally at the end of our review, let’s consider what we got to know.

In a nutshell, with, it’s like hiring a real research assistant for the organization. Additionally, enhances the productivity of all content writers. It assists in the improvement of clients’ websites’ search engine rankings.

You can use for research and content optimization for different platforms like websites, YouTube, blogs, and more. Though it comes with a few disadvantages, will be a great addition to your current SEO stack and to make it easier for you to produce content more quickly.

So, step up your content marketing game and show those competitors what you’re made of. 

We hope this review helped to get you started with your AI journey. 


What is is an AI writer tool. You can produce better SEO content more quickly with Frase. Around 200,000 content producers, SEOs, & agencies use to quickly research, generate, & optimize high-quality SEO content.

Does have a plagiarism checker?

No! doesn’t have a plagiarism checker right now. But, all other features such as content generation, content optimization, AI content writing, and more are available with

Is free to use?

Although isn’t a free SEO content optimization tool, it has a free trial. So, if you’re not sure about buying the paid plans for, you can check out the features through the free trial and decide for yourself.

What languages does support?

The Frase AI writer supports multilingual content optimization in more than 7 languages. You can use’s content generator in more than 7 languages including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and many more.

How can I contact customer support for

If you are stuck while using the tool, you can go to’s help center. Help is available in different forms here such as video tutorials, blogs, FAQs, & so on. Also, you can talk to the chatbot & clear your doubts.

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