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Covideo Review: The Best Video Messaging Platform

Published On: September 15, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Covideo Review: The Best Video Messaging Platform

After Covid-19, we all live in a new world. And the new normal is digitalization. You no longer need to be physically present to catch up or attend a meeting.

Yes, we are talking about virtual media. Don’t know about others, but Zoom and Google Meet creators have been rolling in weal due to them. Well, apart from this, if we look at the negative aspects of these, people did report Zoom fatigue. Were you also one of them? If yes, it’s time to overcome it with a new video conferencing solution. And if not, what’s the harm in exploring something new, huh?

The Covideo platform is an upgrade to conventional video conferencing apps. Wondering what more you can expect from it? Here’s a quick Covideo review for you in that case. Read it until the end to learn about its features, pros and cons, pricing plans, alternatives, and more!

What Is Covideo? 

Covideo Review

Covideo is the go-to video messaging platform for many users. In other words, it’s a video communication app. Covideo has a full stack of features to record, personalize, share, track, and host videos. It is an enterprise-level, small and medium-sized business (SMEs) and a start-up-friendly email marketing software. Also, Covideo offers complete solutions made for Android and Web apps. 

You find the following features under one roof with this online email marketing system:  

  • Analytics
  • Privacy settings
  • Brand overlay
  • Bulk uploading
  • Mobile screen support
  • Social sharing
  • Video looping
  • Customizable branding
  • Media library
  • Templates
  • Video capture
  • Content management
  • Animation
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Template management.

Jason Price is the current CEO and co-founder of Covideo. Price has expertise in operational planning, software product development, strategy, market trend analysis, business development, building, managing, and leading teams. Moreover, he has worked in the tech sector for over 20 years and now oversees a team of more than 60 people. It helps his clients use the power of personalized video to grow their businesses. And establish long-lasting relationships with their customers.

2004 is the establishment year for Covideo. And back then, it was one of the first services to offer video email. Hundreds of companies worldwide use it as an industry leader in video messaging. The inspiration behind creating Covideo was to let people redefine corporate communication. How? By emphasizing individuality and connection. 

Who Uses Covideo?

Many professionals in the field of sales, marketing, customer service, automotive, corporate, mortgage, services, B2BTech, real estate, and recruiting utilize this software to record, send and share videos.

All these people benefit from Covideo differently. Digital marketing and video email marketing help marketers and companies with video communications. While having corporate meetings, people can use videos in Outlook to present and communicate better. Covideo also helps build relationships among sellers and clients. Anyone can personalize videos quickly to get more response rates from their viewers. Ultimately, video messaging boosts loyalty building for all. Given this, users from all walks experience enhanced leads and conversion rates.

Covideo Features

Let’s discover what all you can do with Covideo. Find the comprehensive list of product features in our Covideo review here:

Video & Screen Recorder

This feature comes with a lot of other features, including:

  • Easy Recording: You can upload existing videos or record them using only your webcam or smartphone.
  • Screen Recorder: You can either perform screen recording or use the webcam. And if you’d like, you can do both simultaneously.
  • Instant Upload: It’s now easy to quickly upload existing content to use all of your video resources.
  • Teleprompter: While you’re filming videos, write and read your own scripts to ensure that you do it right the first time.
  • Mobile application: Covideo’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android allow for on-the-go recording.
  • Screenshots: Take screenshots of specific parts, the whole screen, or an entire webpage. Add text, color, highlights, arrows, and other annotations to screenshots.


  • Video Landing Page: Curating a specific landing page for your business can help maintain brand consistency.
  • Landing Page Builder: With our no-code video landing page generator, you can instantly create custom pages.
  • Trim & Merge: Trimming and editing can be a tricky task for those with no prior experience or skills for the same. But here, you can edit and merge multiple clips into one.
  • Customizable Player: Add a touch of personalization to your videos. Also, you can customize your video player’s colors and layout to fit your brand persona. 
  • Virtual Backgrounds: You can choose from a wide collection of high-quality pictures. Also, it is possible to submit your own designs for more customization.
  • Annotations: Add text, images, logos, or hyperlinked calls to action to your videos.
  • Security: You can password-protect your videos or save them in the vault for one-time viewing.


  • Simple Sharing: Send your videos using your CRM, social media, email marketing platforms, SMS, or email.
  • Compressed Links: Worried about your videos landing in spam? Don’t. Covideo helps to send videos that assure you won’t get filtered as spam.
  • Integrations: Direct integrations with Salesforce, Chrome, Outlook, Gmail, and more. 
  • SMS: From a single, exclusive local number set out just for them, SMS dealers can message buyers and clients individually.


  • Call To Action: With customizable buttons in your videos, you can increase engagement and offer viewers a clear set of follow-ups.
  • Translations and Captions: Create captions for your videos that convert into 12+ languages. It happens automatically as soon as your visitors click them!
  • Video Reply: Give recipients the option to reply with a video of their own without needing a Covideo account.
  • Thumbnail Preview: Covideo automated the task of making animated thumbnails for your videos.
  • Website Overlay: You can easily drive traffic to your sites by hovering your video on top with a URL of your choice.
  • Video Playlist: You can add more than one video to your landing page in a carousel player.


  • View Notifications: Get instant notifications that let you know when someone has viewed one of your videos.
  • Hotspots: You get a color scale that displays how many times and for what duration people saw your video. It allows you to see engagement quickly.
  • Detailed Reporting: You can utilize analytics that measure views and interactions. Also, gaining insightful knowledge becomes a matter of a few clicks!
  • Admin Reports: Use team reports to promote adoption, define accountability, and identify strengths.
  • Attributes: Record additional video details like the kind of movie, the target use, the RO number, etc.

File & Video Hosting

  • Unlimited storage: Never stress over running out of room. Covideo automatically uploads, saves, and hosts videos.
  • Company Folder: Users with the same account can access and share video content from the company folder.
  • Folder Organization: No more clumsy arrangement of videos! Because you can manage your video library more effectively by assigning videos to folders.
  • Boards & Files: You can host, arrange on boards, and easily share your files using links.

Covideo Pricing Plans 

Covideo Pricing Plans-Covideo Review

It’s time to talk about the pricing plans Covideo offers in this Covideo review. It has 3 paid subscriptions available. But you can also get the 7-day free trial if you believe in the “trying before buying” thing. The following are the paid plans for Covideo:

Annual Plan

  • It starts at $49 per user / month/ billed annually.

Monthly Plan

  • It starts at $69 per user / month/ billed annually.

Teams Plan

  • This plan is for teams with 5 plus users.
  • You get a custom pricing structure with this plan.
  • You can request a quote from the Covideo team.

Since the plans are set monthly, annual, and team, features remain the same. You can find these features below in our Covideo review:

Web-based recording

  • iOS & Android mobile app
  • Screen recording
  • Animated thumbnail preview
  • Ready-to-use landing page designs
  • Website overlay
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Customizable video player
  • Integrations for Outlook & Gmail
  • Chrome extension
  • Screenshots
  • Trim & merge
  • Annotations
  • Social sharing
  • Real-time view notifications
  • Detailed reporting & analytics
  • Video reply
  • Folder organization & team sharing
  • Video upload & download
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Free phone, email, and chat support

Add-on features:

  • File hosting & sharing: $10 per user/per month
  • Captions & translations: Starting at $20 per user/per month
  • Custom video landing page:$250 per design
  • WheelsTV library of vehicle walkarounds: $100 per dealership/per month
  • SMS: $25 for 2,500 messages/per month

How Useful Is Covideo? 

On a scale of 10, this Covideo review can give a 9.8 to the tool. Why is it so? Here’s the answer:

  • Free Support:

You don’t need to pay a single penny for Covideo services. These include video strategists’ unique assistance, daily webinar training, and unlimited live support. They are always there to help you at every step.

  • Trustworthy, At Every Point:

Even if your Wi-Fi is weak or your connection is slow, background uploading ensures you can capture, upload, and store your videos. So, you can trust Covideo whenever you have an important meeting or anything.

  • Outcomes:

Many video messaging apps are fishy. You can find raw links, attachments, or other download options. But here, it’s just a captivating thumbnail you can click and access through any browser or device.

Covideo Pros & Cons 


  • Covideo is credible. More than 10,000 brands use it, including Pepsi, Toyota, and Nestle.
  • It increases the consumer response rate.
  • There’s a lot of scope for personalization.
  • Video conferencing is a lot easier with Covideo.
  • It allows easy editing and sharing of videos.
  • You can track anything from anywhere.
  • It helps to communicate better with people.
  • The ease of use is commendable.
  • Covideo keeps improving and adding new features.
  • Free coaching, resources, and support.
  • You can also use Covideo for business email video marketing.


There’s no drawback of Covideo we could find for this Covideo review. But there’s one thing-

Since we have popular and trusted platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, people would go for them over Covideo. It can take a lot of time for Covideo to compete with these market bulls. Hence, you might have a problem connecting with people here as most of them would choose these apps.

Covideo Alternatives 

You can find some good alternatives to Covideo in our Covideo review. We understand that not every app is for everyone.


Dubb-Covideo Review

Dubb is a platform that allows corporate users to deliver customized, trackable videos. Deep engineers modeled this Los Angeles-based business. It was possible with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation expertise. Dubb has a website, Outlook Add-In, Slack app, mobile app, and Chrome Extension (with integrations to LinkedIn, Gmail, and more!).


  • Dubb Enterprise- Customizable
  • Small Business- $40


Vidyard-Covideo Review

Vidyard is a video tool designed for online sales. During all sales cycles, from prospecting to proposals, it is simple to produce and share videos that add a human touch with Vidyard.

Thousands of virtual sales and marketing teams worldwide rely on Vidyard to help them use video messaging. It creates more leads and completes more deals because strong video analytics and integrations support it.


  • Free- $0
  • Pro- Starting at $19
  • Business- Custom
  • Enterprise- Custom


BombBomb-Covideo Review

Business people utilize BombBomb to develop customer interactions through digital channels. BombBomb is a pioneer in video messaging technology. Because it’s the only business that prioritizes human interaction in communication. With the aid of BombBomb, you can create, send, protect, and track video communications that fill the gaps in other media’s ability to communicate tone, emotion, clarity, and personality.


  • BombBomb Essentials- Starting at $33.00
  • BombBomb Plus- Starting at $49.00
  • BombBomb for Enterprise- Contact Team

Make Video Messaging Easier With Covideo!

The demand and need for video communication are skyrocketing. And they’ll grow even more with time. Regardless of the industry, connection and customer communication are the foundation of every business. Be it real estate, healthcare, marketing, or anything. Using videos has unlimited possibilities in today’s era. 

Overall, video communication is more warm, clear, and connected, which matters to people now. A human touch or feel can do much more than something robotic or emotionless. Hence, you can hardly deny the ever-growing importance of video messaging.

And talking about Covideo in this case, it’s a fantastic tool to make it all possible with just a few clicks! This is our final thought on this Covideo review. And we strongly feel that you also believe the same. If you don’t, then you should. If you haven’t already taken a step in the right direction, it’s about time! We know you’re a smart reader, so you’d already know what to do!

Happy video messaging to all!


What is Covideo?

Covideo is one of the best video messaging tools for companies and salespeople. Recording, sending, and tracking customized videos using Covideo is easy. It boosts sales, raises response rates, and closes more deals.

Is Covideo free?

Covideo provides a free trial for users who want to try it before buying. However, the trial is time-limited and lasts for 7 days. You’ll have to buy a paid plan eventually. It has 3 paid plans.

What languages do Covideo support?

Unlike other video messaging apps that only support English, the Covideo platform supports German, French, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

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