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CloudApp Review: The Best visual communication platform

Published On: September 14, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

CloudApp Review: The Best visual communication platform

Technology today is advancing rapidly. We have platforms where we can upload and share videos, interact with users, and communicate with them. Why should you lag behind in this age where visual communication is the norm?  In fact, you should start taking full advantage of video creating and marketing if you are not already.

If you have an idea of video recording and marketing , you’d know how complex it can be at times. So, the best possible way to ease out this task is by automating it. But how? By simply using a software! Most people use cloud applications or screen recording software for this purpose. And if you don’t know what tool to use,CloudApp might be the one that you will find very useful!

Want to know more about CloudApp? Keep reading further to find out the features, pros & cons, pricing plans, and software alternatives in this CloudApp review.

What Is CloudApp?


CloudApp is a visual communication platform that works as an online screen recorder and GIF maker. With CloudApp, you get a cross-platform desktop client for screen capturing and recording. This screen recording software also allows you online storage and sharing. You can export all your recordings into MP4, JPG, or PNG format.

You will learn from this CloudApp Review that CloudApp provides quick communication for both individuals and business teams through shareable screenshots, screen recording films, and GIFs

Max Schoening, the former lead designer at Heroku, first introduced CloudApp as a project in 2010. At first, it allowed knowledge workers to share quick screenshots and file assets as short links that did not need downloading. After that, the project switched to visual collaboration. This enabled sharing screenshots, animated gifs, annotations, and screen recordings. The initial version came with a free service and a downloadable Mac application. 

In January 2014, and Xenon Ventures purchased CloudApp and chaired Tyler Koblasa as the general manager and CEO. In an investment round headed by Scribd and Parse founder Tikhon Bernstam and Kyle York (CSO Dyn) in June 2016, Koblasa acquired the intellectual property from He also invested in the platform and expanded his founding team by hiring Scott Smith to help scale the firm.

CloudApp introduced a new app to cover iOS in January 2020. Moving on, the software also introduced a new video streaming service called “Instant Video” in March 2020. This service allows users to instantly share videos by uploading them as they are being recorded. Five consecutive quarters have seen CloudApp appear on G2’s top customer-reviewed product lists.

Who Uses CloudApp? 

CloudApp goes well with education, designing, and marketing spheres. This is because it fulfills the visual communication needs of these professionals. 

  • When the world adopted remote learning, the need for digital spaces increased. CloudApp has supported this growth of the digital environment. Educators and students benefit from this software by recording screens and lectures. They use the software by answering questions with GIFs and giving feedback with annotations. This boosts engagement and helps users to study and teach better respectively.
  • Designers swear by the benefits of CloudApp. The software allows them to quickly capture, show their designs and instantly share links with their clients. They find it very effective in speeding up their design process by employing screenshots, annotations, GIFs, and videos.
  • Marketers find CloudApp useful in creating video campaigns and the content creation process. The software helps them to create eye-catching content within minutes. This improves the workflow and lands them more leads..

CloudApp Features 

When it comes to creating and sharing, CloudApp is a game changer! Working as a user-friendly enterprise-level application, CloudApp brings screen recording, taking screenshots, and GIF creation to the cloud base. Just capture, share, and speed up your workflow. Explore more about these features in this CloudApp review. Some of these features come with free and paid plans both.

Screen Capture

With CloudApp’s screen capture feature, you can add meaning to a picture that is worth a thousand words. You can prove your point to others in no time, by capturing and sharing your screen. No more wordy justifications that mislead. You can decide whether to capture all or a section of your screen.


Enhance your GIFs and screenshot. Want to know how? By using annotations! Adding emojis, drawings, arrows, and lines makes your messages easier to understand. In addition, you can also blur any kind of personal or sensitive information on your screen.

Screen Recording

Screen recording is a useful communication tool. It makes it simple to illustrate concepts that might be too complicated to explain through text-only descriptions. Simply use screen recording to provide straightforward visual demonstrations rather than wordy explanations.

GIF Maker

Make a GIF recording of your screen that plays on loop to explain complex ideas and provide precise directions. Add a fun element to the boring wordy explanations. Drag the GIF into your message and get creative with your messaging.

Web Recording

Remind people that you are not a machine sitting behind a screen. By including your face and voice in screen recordings, you may give your digital content a more human touch. Use your webcam to record a video to personalize any conversation. Make a statement with a considerate and unique message.

Uploading & Sharing Files

Upload any kind of small or large file and convert it into a shareable link with expiration and optional password security. With CloudApp, you can arrange your data in one location, and it is secure.

CTA Buttons

You can use the call-to-action button to schedule a meeting, connect to an article, or finalize a deal. This clickable activity is a fun approach to increase interaction. You can add the CTA button to any link, video, GIF, or photo.


To make the most of your use of CloudApp, use customizations. You may use CloudApp to promote your brand with personalization, including logos, and branded redirect URLs. Also, branded domains, webhooks, comments, etc.


You can use collections to make folders for your commonly used CloudApp recordings/videos. So that you can quickly save and share them with your team and yourself. With collections to store your movies, screenshots, and GIFs, you can collaborate and locate items more quickly.


Last but not the least, SOC2 Type II compliance demonstrates a commitment to protect your data and information.

CloudApp Pricing Plans

Pricing-Cloudapp Review

In order to meet the various needs of its users, CloudApp offers 3 distinct subscription packages.

Let’s have a closer look at all these plans and their features:

Individual Plan

  • The price starts at $9.95/per month
  • You get unlimited total captures and recording length
  • Access to recording quality up to 4k
  • You get the option of advanced analytics
  • Features like custom branding and search are also available with this feature.

Teams Plan

  • This plan has a limit of a minimum of 3 users.
  • The price starts at $8 per user, monthly.
  • You get all the features of the individual plan along with basic admin controls.

Enterprise Plan

  • The per month price for this plan is customizable.
  • You get all the features of individual and team plans along with added transcription and SSO features.
  • You also get access to advanced admin controls.

How Useful Is CloudApp? 

There are several use cases for CloudApp. We have highlighted them briefly in this CloudApp review. Here’s a look:

  • With CloudApp, creating marketing collateral is a breeze. It strengthens your teamwork abilities and marketing strategies. Cloud-based recording helps to boost your productivity. You can create different sorts of videos with this tool like explainer videos, and enhance your content using visuals.
  • Graphic artists and engineers utilize CloudApp to collaborate with clients and coworkers visually. They say that cloud recording saves several hours in getting product feedback, documenting their team process, sharing codes, and video rendering. Additionally, they use it for giving product walkthroughs.
  • Customer support and success are also a part of CloudApp’s use cases. Since the cloud-based recorder enhances client communication, it increases your efficiency in responding to consumer queries. And offer assistance. Create a personalized webcam recording to give in-depth explanations, answer FAQs with screenshots that supplement written instructions, or react by including a how-to GIF in an email, etc.

CloudApp Pros & Cons

When we talk about the benefits and limitations of CloudApp, we can easily notice that the software has both. Nevertheless, you’ll find more pros than cons. Have a look at these in our CloudApp review:


  • The user interface is beginner-friendly.
  • The software is quite affordable as compared to other leading software in the same genre.
  • The customer support team is quite approachable. They solve their users’ queries quickly.
  • You get to have great features for screenshots and storing pictures.
  • You can integrate your storage easily in blog posts, with responsive sizing.
  • Integrations with more than 30 apps are possible with CloudApp. These include Slack, Adobe XD, Google docs, slides and sheets, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Zoho, and much more.


Although there aren’t many disadvantages of CloudApp, we have mentioned some of them in this CloudApp review. These are:

  • You don’t get any option to set a predefined video recording or filming.
  • Many users feel that the pricing policy isn’t too great. However, the team behind CloudApp is working hard to sort it out for the users.
  • You get access to some of the best features only with paid subscriptions.

CloudApp Alternatives 

For those who wish to test out other solutions for online video recording and creating, discover these top CloudApp alternatives in our CloudApp review:



Leading visual communication platform, creators designed Loom for speed and simplicity. Whether you’re working at a desk or are on the move, you can record, share, and engage with videos to advance your professional life. 

Loom helps over 14 million users in 200,000 businesses work more productively via async video. It is the preferred screen recording and collaboration solution for both large and small enterprises, including HubSpot, Atlassian, and Netflix. Loom words as a free video recorder with the starter plan, $8 for business, and the enterprise plan is customizable.



Creating and sending videos adding a personal touch is easy with Vidyard. From prospecting to proposals, at every level of the sales cycle, you can do it all with this online video recording tool.

Thousands of marketing teams worldwide benefit from Vidyard to assist them in using video to increase lead generation. There is an increase in deal closing as well thanks to Vidyard’s strong video analytics and integrations. There is a free plan, pro plan ($15/month), and teams plan ($300/month) available with Vidyard.



Vimeo is a very popular all-in-one video recording and making software. With the help of Vimeo’s platform, any individual, group, or company can unleash the creative, collaborative, and communication potential of video creation. Over 230 million users use Vimeo including creators, businesspeople, and the biggest brands in the world. You can use the Video app with a basic version. Other paid plans for Vimeo are the following:

  • Plus- 250GB every year, $7/mo, billed annually
  • Pro- 1TB every year, $20/mo, billed annually
  • Business- 5TB total storage, $50/mo,billed annually
  • Premium- Unlimited live streaming, 7TB total storage, $75/mo, billed annually

Kick-Start Your Visual Communication Journey Today!

Coming down to the end of our CloudApp review, we can conclude that CloudApp accelerates your workflow creatively. Grab more conversions or win back your lost clients with the new and advanced technology of interactive video creation. 

We can’t say if CloudApp is the best because there remain many such software untested so far, but is it worth it? Definitely! CloudApp is the trust of over 4 million users around the world. Use CloudApp’s best practices to collaborate better and more creatively! You can sign up free also to test out the software and become a premium member tomorrow. 


What is Get CloudApp?

The all-in-one screen recording tool CloudApp allows users to record and integrate HD video, screencasts, GIFs, screenshots & annotated photos. You can download the CloudApp for Windows, Mac, iOS, and chrome.

How do you use CloudApp?

You can use the app simply by choosing a free or a paid plan. After that, you need to log in and you can start using the app. You can integrate this software with many other apps such as Slack, WordPress, Google sheets, slides, and docs.

How much does CloudApp cost?

There are a total of 4 plans that CloudApp offers. One is free and the other 3 are premium ones. You get the individual plan for $9.95/month, the team plan for $8/month, and a custom quote for the enterprise plan.

How does CloudApp work?

CloudApp is a software program that combines local and cloud-based components. The system uses distant servers. A web browser accesses these servers that have an ongoing internet connection to process logic.

Is CloudApp free?

Yes! The software has a free version which you can easily download and use. By going on the pricing page of CloudApp, you’ll find the option of “Get Started For Free.” 

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