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Closerscopy Review: The Best AI Writing tool

Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Closerscopy Review: The Best AI Writing tool

Do you constantly fear a writer’s burnout, or are worried about the time-consuming process of generating content? Don’t, because we have got you covered! All you need is the power of AI to create unique articles, headlines, Google advertisements, and more. And to assist you in the hunting process for a good AI writing software, we have just the right tool for you!

Closerscopy can be your go-to solution if you’re looking for a sales copy generator for your business. It also caters to other writing needs of a content writer and a content marketer. To see if it is one of the best AI copy generator tools, read this Closerscopy review till the end! Get to know the features, use cases, pros & cons, pricing plans, and much more.

What Is Closerscopy? 

Closerscopy Review

Closerscopy is an AI tool that helps you with writing that inspires and draws in your target audience. Closerscopy can help you turn your words into a completely customized piece of art. Increase your sales with irresistible marketing copy and SEO-optimized blogs. Utilize the techniques used in the world’s most effective copy, then let your copywriting robot bring them to life! Do it all with Closerscopy. You may easily use this tool to boost your website’s traffic and conversion rates. Everything at your tips without spending tons on a copywriting specialist!

Nico Engler, a professional copywriter, developed the platform itself to enable businesses to quickly create content without having to hire a professional copywriter. For the benefit of everyone who needs to automate their content workflow, he developed this platform on his own. The inspiration behind creating this copywriter tool was only to automate the writing process. And help creators all around the world to write SEO-friendly content within minutes.

Who Uses Closerscopy?

This Closerescopy review brings you the use cases of the software. Read them to know more about it.

Anybody who needs assistance with writing can use Closerscopy. But the software has some specific targets when it comes to the users. 

These are:

Marketers and business owners that desire to sell their goods. The assistance with copywriting improves their ability to connect with their audience and increase sales. It helps them communicate better, generate more leads, and drive more revenue.

Copywriting devotees use Closerscopy like a personal assistant. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced copywriter because Closercopy will make writing simpler and more enjoyable for you. Your writing time significantly decreases as the tools and templates offered by Closerscopy give you a writing boost.

Content writers find it beneficial to write long-form articles. The special feature of Closercopy helps generate long-form content as it reduces manual effort.

Closerscopy Features

Find all the features of Closerscopy in this Closerscopy review.

Compete & Compose Feature

Using this feature, you can easily carry out your keyword research on any topic. This helps you to analyze the keyword gap and see what keywords the top-ranking sites use. It will also extract all the data from a competitor’s URL, including headings, content, and other crucial information if you copy-paste the competitor’s URL into the search box. Just type any keyword, choose a language, and press the search button to use this tool. 

After this, you can start writing your content using the compose feature. All you need to do is enter the keyword and other inputs, and the tool will create your content structure for you. This saves your time by not searching different competitors’ pages individually.

Drag & Drop Feature

Want a tool that caters to your niches? Closerscopy is the one. The drag and drop feature allows you to take and put any element on the copy that you’re creating. Using this feature, you can also customize the headings and your sales copy. You must adjust this feature’s settings to utilize it effectively. For example, it will ask you to enter the problem, the solution, and the intended outcome of that problem.


The long-form feature is a lifesaver because there are no limitations on AI in the long-form function. You can create as much content as you like. You only need to enter a content brief (which is optional), choose the creativity level, and output on a scale of 1 to 100. After this, enter the no. of words you want. Once you complete everything, just press the “write” button and voila you get results within minutes! If you feel dissatisfied with the output, you can make changes in the phrases and edit your content too.

Copywriting Frameworks

In this closerscopy review you will know that you get copywriting frameworks with Closerscopy. Frameworks are a collection of many formulas developed as guidelines. These structures can help you create stronger copies. These copywriting frameworks contain a variety of modules, and you can filter them out based on your requirements. Use the criteria to locate the ideal structure if you want to generate more SEO-focused content.

Template Library

The template collection of ClosersCopy offers a variety of templates. With the help of these templates, you can quickly produce any type of content you desire. You may use the templates to write for landing pages, sales pages, social media posts, emails, Google and Facebook ads, and more.

Closercopy offers you a variety of components in the templates. These include thesaurus, sentence enhancer, spam score, word counter, voice analyzer, and a check on power & sensory words.

Copy Wizard

As the name suggests, this feature helps you to write copies that work like magic. You can discover various templates to compose different sections of a copy in the copy wizard area. Simply select one of these templates, and new, original content will be there in front of you. It will request that you alter a few texts and the voice before producing the final output. Templates like story, cart abandonment, sales copy, ultimate sales letter, quickstart, perfect email, FAQ, software update, free report, and more are available with Copy Wizard. Additionally, it also works as a guide to help you throughout your journey in writing and generating content.

Closerscopy Pricing Plans

Pricing-Closerscopy Review

Let’s have a look at what the tool offers at what cost in this Closerscopy review.

Power Plan

  • The power plan costs $49.99 per month and $419.90 per year.
  • With this subscription, you get to add two more members to the plan.
  • You can execute up to 300 AI runs per month.
  • You can perform 50 SEO audits per month, develop workflows, use more than 700 frameworks, and get email support. 

Superpower Plan

  • The superpower plan costs  $79.99 per month and $671.90 per year. 
  • You get all the features of the power plan with this one. 
  • Additionally, this subscription enables you to add up to three more members.
  • You can perform limitless SEO audits, use infinite AI authoring features, and receive unlimited updates.

Superpower Squad Plan

  • The superpower squad plan has a monthly cost of $99.99 and an annual cost of $839.90. 
  • You receive all the benefits of the superpower plan with this one. 
  • You may include as many as five members with this package.

These are the standard pricing plans of Closerscopy. Moreover, you also get lifetime deals with ClosersCopy. You can visit the site to learn more about these premium subscriptions.

How Useful Is Closerscopy?

Closerscopy can be very useful for people working as copywriters, content writers, freelancers, brand advertisers, and content marketers. It’s a fantastic choice for those who don’t want to spend money on professional tools which are more expensive monthly. Because with Closerscopy, you get great power and performance at an affordable price. And still, you can write amazing blog posts, social media updates, long-form content, press releases, etc.

Looking for an AI copy generator that works with your language? 

Closerscopy is just the right choice for you as it can generate content in 100 plus languages. This is where Closerscopy stands out from other copywriting software. This is because finding an AI copy generator that works with a specific language other than English, French, Italian, or German is a bit tough.

Closerscopy Pros & Cons

We’ve provided you with both the good and the bad sides of Closerscopy in this Closerscopy review. So you already know what to expect from the tool and what not.


  • It comes with templates and an attractive user interface.
  • It has a drag-and-drop feature for copy building.
  • It employs AI (GPT-3) deep learning capabilities.
  • You get a one-click analysis of copies.
  • You can alter the settings to serve several niches.
  • It is very simple to use.
  • The software is reasonable and has a good value.
  • It supports more than 120 languages including formal and informal versions. 


Although we didn’t find many limitations in this software, two aspects can make your workflow a bit slower. These are:

  • The AI is not flawless.
  • The output the software produces needs more effort to get better.

Closerscopy Alternatives 

Still, have doubts about Closerscopy? We get it! It’s sometimes hard to decide without considering other alternatives. Here, in this Closerscopy review, you’ll find some great alternatives to the AI copywriting app that may fit all your needs.


Instacopy-Closerscopy Review

InstaCopy is an AI-driven content creation tool. It is a human-like marketing copy generator that can produce blogs, social media, and website content at breakneck speed. With its remarkably accurate AI content writer that produces high-performing content instantly, you can save time and resources. With InstaCopy, it is possible to improve results with little effort. 

InstaCopy provides you with fresh, plagiarism-free content. The user interface is easy to use making your workflow smooth. InstaCopy works as a free sales copy generator and also has 2 paid plans:

  • Copywriter– $39
  • Content Writer- $49

Craft content faster with InstaCopy – Sign Up!



By utilizing artificial intelligence, Writesonic enables professionals to increase their writing efficiency. It offers the capacity to produce long-form content depending on particular user input. Additionally, it comes up with content ideas and writes shorter bits of content also. You can consider Writersonic for writing articles and copies.

A free trial of Writesonic allows you to create up to 19K words of content. Prices for the short-form writer and long-form writer begin at $10 and $13, respectively, following the free trial (per month). All plans include the option to choose the level of words generated: Premium, Good, Average, and Economy.

Jasper AI

Jasper Ai

Jasper AI, a new and powerful tool in the GPT-3 software industry, has the potential to become a writer’s hidden weapon. While it is far from perfect, it offers several great features and superior performance in the field of GPT-3 services. Furthermore, considering its advanced features, it is quite inexpensive. You get original copies free from plagiarism with Jasper AI. It offers 3 plans:

  • Starter– $49 per month
  • Boss– $99 per month
  • Business – Custom plans available 

Write Killer Content With Closerscopy

Can we conclude in our Closerscopy review that AI-driven writing software, such as Closercsopy, may revolutionize the writing industry? The answer might be surprising!

It’s both a yes and no! Why? This is because Closerscopy is definitely rising above the market mediocrity. But it still has a long road to go to be the master of all. Right now, it is standing strong against all the odds and competitors. Timely updates and new ideas can ultimately serve best in the long run.

So, we can say that giving it a try is worth it and it can help you unlock better opportunities. We hope this Closerscopy review has helped you make up your mind about the AI copy generator. 


What is Closerscopy?

Closerscopy is an AI copywriting tool that can turn words into clients. It generates excellent SEO marketing copies for beginner and advanced levels. You can also write blogs and do keyword research using Closerscopy.

Does Closerscopy work for Mac and Windows both? 

Yes! You can use ClosersCopy for Mac and Windows. You don’t even need to download the software or something. It only takes an internet connection to work with. It is also very user-friendly, to begin with.

Do you get a lifetime pack with Closerscopy?

Yes! Closerscopy is offering lifetime packs to users. You can also upgrade your plan within the first 14 days. However, upgrading options are not available with installment plans.

What languages do Closerscopy support?

Closerscopy supports most languages including English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Welsh, Italian, and many more. You can even find formal and informal versions of some of the languages with Closerscopy.

Who can use Closerscopy?

Since Closerscopy is best known for its copywriting superpowers, most copywriters use this AI copy generator. It also generates long-form & SEO content. So, bloggers, content marketers, and content writers also use it.

Does Closerscopy work as a free copywriting generator?

Unfortunately no. With Closerscopy, you only get paid plans and lifetime deals at affordable rates. But Closerscopy will be worth your money. You can find other free alternatives to Closerscopy.

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