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AISEO Review : Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

AISEO Review : Pricing, Features and Alternatives

The average reader reads 2,000 words in 6.7 minutes when reading at a speed of 300 words per minute, according to a Study. Imagine how long it must take to write accurate content if this is the time required to read it. Furthermore, this may overwhelm the writers.

Just one piece of content requires extensive study and the efforts of a whole team. It may take a lot of time to craft compelling content that resonates with the target audience. But thanks to modern technology, (artificial intelligence in particular), writing has become easy with writing assistant software like AISEO. The tool may just be what you are looking for all this while.

In this AISEO review, we’ll take a comprehensive look at what the tool offers and how it functions for writers, including students, freelancers, professionals, amateurs, and others.

What Is AISEO? 


AISEO, an AI tool, considerably accelerates your workflow – By helping you create, optimize, and rewrite content/blog posts. You only need a click to generate a blog post optimized for search engines, all with AISEO. Isn’t it great?

Founded by Ali M. in 2018, AISEO is a Miami, Florida-based, family-owned full-service digital marketing and SEO agency. While studying computer network engineering in college, Ali M.’s growing interest in SEO inspired this project. Over the following years, this fascination turned into a passion.

Ali M. started getting annoyed by empty promises, hidden information, and shortcuts that resulted in Google penalties and further issues. He quickly decided to defy all the distorted standards. After working as a freelancer for a while, he created AISEO, with the intent of helping brands achieve organic, long-term growth.

Now with the help of AISEO, creators can witness 10x growth. More work can be done in a fraction of the time, opening up additional possibilities and pushing your limits to the end of the horizon.

Who Uses AISEO?

Nearly everyone wanting to produce high-quality content uses AI writing assistants like AISEO. Marketers, writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and creators, are all part of the AISEO writing community. Since AISEO helps you convert your thoughts into actual output, it is a one-stop solution for all kinds of writing. But How?

In this AISEO review , it covers the technical aspects of writing and publishing content which is always tricky, making it less complex. Hence, AISEO artificial intelligence writing is perfect for all the people involved in the publishing sector.

When it comes to marketing, there are many layers and phases. It can be challenging for both beginners and professionals. Therefore, artificial intelligence writing softwares helps get a better picture of the whole process and simplify it further.

AISEO Features

Are you looking for an AI writing tool that offers several features in one package? The AISEO AI writing tool is the answer. It has several features that can compose long-form and other content. Let’s take a look at them in this AISEO review.

Content Paraphrasing

AISEO claims to be the most advanced AI-powered paraphrase tool in the market. Using GPT-3 and other AI engines to alter the structure of a piece of text without affecting its meaning. AISEO’s AI text generators and AI article writing tools help in content paraphrasing and rewriting entire articles and blogs at breakneck speed. 

What else? You can customize AI article writing tools and AI text generators choosing from various paraphrase styles: creative, formal, informal, and more. The material produced is highly original and clears most plagiarism detectors. Additionally, 26 languages are currently supported, with more to follow.

Readability Improver

Readability is a crucial SEO factor that even Google values. Content, in the first place, is written for readers. Hence, readers of any language proficiency must be able to read and comprehend it. Because it would be useless otherwise, wouldn’t it? The Readability Improver tool from AISEO can make your post easier to read in seconds. Hence, it’s easier now to communicate with your audience worldwide.

Long-Form Assistant

The long-form helper from AISEO offers a flexible workflow. Generating a piece of content has never been so easy. Because of the workflow, the Article Generator guides you through, creating content is a piece of cake. It reduces the amount of time needed to compose full-scale blog content. 

Not only that, but it also makes scaling your content marketing strategy to the next level easier. All you would need to do is provide the inputs; the rest will be handled for you by AISEO’s clever algorithm.

Copywriting SEO

It appears that AISEO was explicitly created to offer copywriting support since the capabilities and tools available for copywriting alone could fill a lengthy article. With the help of the AISEO copywriting tool, you can create headlines, advertising, product captions, product descriptions, Blog meta descriptions, brand essences, carousel ads, FAQ concepts, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ads, as well as virtually anything else from outlining to summarizing.

All this is available with the free version of AISEO AI writer. Can you believe it? Sure, we can neither. But it’s true!

In this AISEO Review you will know offers two plans basically- annual and monthly where a free- starter plan is available with both versions with nearly unlimited benefits but for a specific period. Also, new users are, most of the time, welcomed with a special discount.

But if you think that the AISEO AI writer works the best for you, you can always switch to the paid versions and unlock many features.

AISEO Pricing Plans


It’s time for the pricing plans in this AISEO review. 

The AISEO paraphrasing tool offers 3 plans. These are the “Starter,” “Grow,” and “Scale” plans which are available in both annual and monthly versions.

Starter Plan (Monthly and Annually)

The following features are included in the monthly and annual free starter plan-

  • 3-day free trial with 120 credits (about 12000 AI words)
  • 5 credits every day forever 
  • Access to most tools
  • Access to all tools ( annual plan )
  • Access to paraphrase & readability improver
  • English language generation 

This plan is beneficial for people who want to have writing assistance for a shorter period, such as students, bloggers, YouTubers, etc.

Grow Plan

The monthly grow plan is $19, whereas the annual grow plan is $15. Both of these plans can be canceled anytime and are billed every month.

You can get up to 500 credits (50000 AI words) and 30+ SEO documents. Moreover, paraphrasing up to 50k characters, including all modes, is also available with this plan. Other options such as:

  • Hemingway Readability Improver with AI access
  • Short-form, copywriting templates access
  • Unlimited custom templates are available
  • Blog post generator access
  • Content generation in 26 languages

Scale Plan

Scale plan provides additional benefits and features compared to the starter and grow plans. Hence, the price is higher compared to them. 

The monthly plan is available for $34 per month, and the annual plan for $29 per month. Like the Grow plan, you can cancel the scale plan any time.

The scale plan has so much to offer. It’s a lock-in price forever, and unlimited generations & optimizations are also possible with this plan.

When talking about the other features it provides, they include:

  • Infinity SEO docs and SERP analysis
  • Limitless paraphrasing up to 50k characters in all modes
  • Unlimited access to Hemingway Readability Improver with AI
  • Access to unlimited short-form (copywriting templates)
  • Access to endless generations with blogpost generator
  • Content generation in 26 languages

For big businesses and marketing firms, this is the best wager. Creating as much content as you require will assist you in reaching a wide range of viewers on all popular platforms.

How Useful Is AISEO?

As it is pretty simple to use and has many features, AISEO is an excellent platform for writers and aspiring copywriters, especially those who have never written or worked in this sector before. With these tools, you may write articles, lengthy blogs, and much more quickly and easily.

Marketing professionals, authors, copywriters, and business owners benefit the most from the AISEO AI tool. The user interface offers many options and straightforward solutions for all the content-generating procedures involved in these domains.

If you need assistance with your various types of content marketing, AISEO will take care of you. You can find a variety of free templates to assist you in creating compelling content. AISEO has you covered for everything from blog posts to social network posts.

The possibilities are endless with AISEO software. Students, website publishers, business professionals, marketers, and freelancers can work with AISEO to create better and more engaging content.

AISEO Pros And Cons 

It is time for the tool’s pros and cons in this AISEO review


  • AI-Driven SEO-Focused Writing

The tool’s concept is excellent. There were no actual AI-writing SEO-focused tools before AISEO. It’s an efficient method of dealing with keyword research and competitive analysis before writing. 

  • Frequent Updates

The program is updated every so often. It goes above and beyond and keeps getting better. The AISEO team always responds quickly to user requests and is available to address any difficulties.

  • Blog Post Optimization

AISEO automatically creates and improves your blog posts. It’s great if you often struggle with writing and staring at a blank screen. The software keeps chipping in some writing tips while working, which can be great for improvement.


Like everything, even AISEO has some drawbacks that the team continuously strives to improve. Let’s have a look:

  • The Interface 

It’s a hit or a miss with how the interface works. But it has been updated in the past few months and appears much more impressive. We can hope to see some more upcoming improvements.

  • Speed

Although it’s possible with one click while researching and paraphrasing, speed is not always so great. It can take way longer to provide results. Since we all want productive results in shorter periods, this can be a significant drawback. But once you get the hang of it, you can work better with it.

AISEO Alternatives

Human nature is to consider more options and possibilities for everything. There are many AI writing assistants that can meet your needs if AISEO doesn’t. It’s time to take a look at them based on usability, affordability, user reviews, or value for your money in this AISEO review,



InstaCopy is a great alternative to AISEO. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), InstaCopy quickly and accurately creates human-like marketing copy for blogs, social media, and websites. It gets you remarkably accurate and high-performing content. Improve your results with minimal effort with InstaCopy. 

InstaCopy generates content within 30 seconds. It works for social media, sales copy, website, and online advertising. It offer 3 plans:

  • Free
  • Copywriter- $39
  • Content Writer- $49

Craft content faster with InstaCopy – Sign up!



WordHero is one of the top-rated AI-powered tools. With WordHero, you can create 

high-quality blog posts, social media captions, emails, advertising, sales copy, product/SEO descriptions, and more.

WordHero provides a comprehensive set of more than 50 writing tools, and more are continually being developed. Additionally, WordHero can be used for business startups, marketing, content ideas, and even poetry and song lyrics!

Pricing for WordHero is $49 per month and $348 on an annual basis.



Another excellent AISEO alternative is NeuralText. NeuralText successfully automates your writing process by using AI to scan SERPs, find insightful data, and produce copy for your website.

NeuralText pitch ideas that make your output rank higher in search engines. You can access search volume, trends, and competitiveness through the keyword research option. In this manner, you can develop original keywords and phrases for your article that genuinely improve its SEO. 

It has a free forever plan along with 2 other paid plans. The starter plan is for $49/mo and the pro plan for $119/mo. 

Get Ready To Witness A Boom In Content Marketing

Get rid of the tedious and frustrating content curation process because we’re here to write what readers should never forget. Take your content and marketing to newer heights with AISEO AI-powered writing tools. The only thing we can decipher with this thorough AISEO review is that the tool is easy-to-use, and the learning curve is very short.

AISEO also has an excellent value for money compared to other tools on the market. You can save a lot of time by quickly generating new content ideas and new articles. If you compare this product with its competitors like WordHero and NeuralText, you will understand why you need to get this software today! It’s a no-brainer! 

We hope this AISEO review has helped you to make a better decision.


What is AISEO?

AISEO is a content marketing tool powered by AI that automates the creation of blog articles, essays, and product descriptions. With the help of this writing assistant, you can create SEO-optimized content in a matter of minutes. 

How do you use AISEO?

It’s intuitive and effortless to use. You can log in with your Google or Facebook account and start with it. Also, there’s a tutorial on how the Chrome extension works. This link would directly take you there. 

How can I contact support?

The AISEO team is always swift to solve its user’s queries. You can share your problem through the chatbot widget at the right bottom of the website. Or send an email to [email protected]

How many languages are supported by AISEO?

AISEO supports more than 26 languages right now. However, AISEO is a software that’s updated frequently, so the team is working at a fast- pace on adding more languages shortly.

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