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Adilo Review: The Best Video Hosting Platform

Published On: September 21, 2022

By: Sushant Shekhar

Adilo Review: The Best Video Hosting Platform

Businesses these days must rely on digital marketing to survive the competition. Sounds a little dramatic, right? But it’s true. If you’re struggling to make a brand mark, it’s time to leverage video marketing. This is because having a solid tech stack ensures you aren’t wasting your precious time on trivial jobs. And it promotes progress. On the other hand, if you keep using outdated, traditional marketing methods, your company can fall behind.

Want to know the good news? Software is readily available to carry out time-consuming tasks. These tasks are mainly associated with your marketing obligations. With technology, you can automate every task and so is the deal with video marketing. 

We have a tool that can make this daunting task smooth. And make your business boom in no time! The name is Adilo. Read further to know all about Adilo’s features, pros and cons, pricing plans, alternatives, and more in this Adilo review. 

What Is Adilo? 

Adilo Review

Adilo is a video platform that automates video creation and marketing processes. It is a cloud-based video hosting tool that also works as a video recorder. It comes with a varied feature set. And lets you do a lot more than just creating and advertising videos. 

It is the first commercial video hosting solution that offers enterprise-grade content security and anti-piracy technology at a reasonable price. Adilo is a one-stop solution for businesses and content producers. It gives out effortless buffer-free streaming.

Adilo is part of BigCommand LLC and Emi Ngwu is the founder of the firm. He has a reputation for being a driven engineer. Everybody acknowledges him for his technical, analytical, and problem-solving abilities.

The company support is transparent and upfront about how they gather and use the information of their users. BigCommand LLP is a dynamic software ecosystem that offers companies apps to power all aspects of their business operations, from invention to management and delivery. The same holds true for Adilo. 

Who Uses Adilo?

Adilo is the best option for you whether you’re a filmmaker, content creator, digital marketer, educator, coach, university, small business, or corporation. It has all that is necessary to host, stream, promote, and secure both tiny and large videos.

Filmmaking is an interesting and complex process. Adilo makes it easy with its super easy video creation function. Here, from newbies to professionals, everyone can create engaging videos within minutes.

When it comes to content creation, it’s a blend of many processes altogether. But with Adilo, you get everything under one roof to get going with. The video cloud lets you host, and stream along with creating.

Digital marketers benefit from the various video marketing features of Adilo. These include:

  • Contact management
  • Display banners
  • CTAs
  • Setting up links in the videos
  • Video experimenting
  • Automated video streaming
  • Video ad pixel retargeting 
  • Automated captions
  • Subtitle videos in different languages
  • Real-time video analytics, and much more.

Adilo Features

Now, it’s time to have a look at the various features in this Adilo review. All these features are a part of free and paid plans. Also, the usage and limits might be there according to each subscription plan.

The Free Forever Plan

You get a free forever plan with Adilo. It is very simple and takes zero risk to sign up. Also, you don’t need to share your credit card information. And you get all the key features with this plan. 

Adilo recently made streaming limitless & 100% free for all new customers. What’s the good thing? This offer is applicable even on free plans. It is different from other platforms that charge you for every 1GB of bandwidth and make a hole in your pocket through excessive streaming fees.

Video Creation

You can record 4K videos in just a click with Adilo’s video creation feature. It uses the SnapByte software to create and share custom and compelling video messages. You can do it with either screen recording or camera recording. And if you want both, you can have them too.

Requesting videos from 3rd parties is also possible with Adilo. Without any sort of downloading or installing, you can send snap links to people. These people can be your customers, contractors, or anyone you’d like to communicate with.

Video Hosting

With this feature, you get access to:

  • Multiple storage options from 5GB to 2TB
  • Video hosting
  • Audio hosting
  • Projects & folders
  • Cloud encoding
  • Video SEO
  • Replace video
  • Video management tools
  • Multi-file drag n’ drop uploader
  • Video & audio import/migration APIs
  • Video recorder

Player and Streaming

This feature lets you enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited bandwidth with all plans
  • HLS & DASH adaptive streaming
  • MP3, MP4 & M3U8 direct streaming
  • Embed player anywhere
  • HD-only streaming
  • Customize player appearance
  • Gif, image & video thumbnails
  • Vertical & square video support
  • Captioning & subtitling A.I. of 10, 50, 100, and 300 minutes/month depending on your plan
  • Upload SRT captions
  • Video chapters
  • A/B video split testing
  • Video playlists
  • Autopay & looping
  • Skip & rewind
  • Customizable player controls
  • Disable pausing
  • Video pages
  • Video email embed
  • Resume play memory
  • Sticky player
  • Pause on scroll technology
  • Ads pixel retargeting
  • Content scheduler & calendar

Video Marketing

With the marketing feature, you get your hands on:

  • Video channels from 1 to 10 depending on your plan.
  • Video call to actions
  • Video lead capture
  • Contacts manager
  • ESP & CRM integrations
  • Video analytics
  • Video heatmaps
  • Channel subscribers from 100 to unlimited
  • Channel call to actions

Content Security

Content security brings you: 

  • Video password locking
  • Private links
  • Domain whitelisting
  • Geolocation whitelisting
  • Teammates only access
  • Anti-piracy DRM encryption of 50, 200, 750, and 3,000 licenses/ month
  • Dynamic visual watermarking


With the help of this feature, you get to have: 

  • Account users
  • Project collaboration
  • Custom domains
  • Custom branding
  • Live chat support
  • Priority support
  • API Access

Adilo Pricing Plans

Adilo Pricing Plans-Adilo Review

Pricing is the primary deciding factor for any software you choose. So, let’s throw some light on Adilo’s pricing structure. Find all the paid subscriptions and their features in this Adilo review.

Starter Plan

  • This plan starts at $0.
  • This plan is ideal for anyone keen to get started with premium video hosting.
  • You get unlimited bandwidth with this plan.
  • With 1 account user, you get 5GB of storage.
  • There’s access to 1 channel. 
  • You get anti-piracy content security.
  • There are AI captions & subtitles.

Creator Plan

  • This plan starts at $29 per month.
  • As the name suggests, this plan is perfect for creators who want to take their video creation to the next level.
  • You get everything in the starter plan.
  • There are additional features like 100GB storage, 1 user account, and 1 channel.
  • 1 custom domain with 1 custom branding.

Growth Plan

  • This plan starts at $49 per month.
  • It is a plan that Adilo recommends to its users.
  • Businesses looking for powerful video marketing tools may find it perfect.
  • You get all the features of the creator plan.
  • There are additional features like 300GB storage, 3 user accounts, and 3 channels.
  • You get 3 custom brandings.

Business Plan

  • This plan starts at $149 per month.
  • It is ideal for enterprises. It lets you host videos and go way beyond.
  • You get your hands on all the features of the growth plan.
  • There are additional benefits of 1TB storage, 10 user accounts, and 10 channels.
  • You get 10 custom domains, and 10 custom brandings 

If you have certain requirements, you can get a custom plan too. For example, you might require more video channels, larger storage, SLA, or unique app integrations. The Adilo team offers special strategies for these and you can contact them and get one for yourself.

How Useful Is Adilo?

Adilo does seem to be a very useful software. It includes all the tools you need to leverage video marketing. Using it to the full extent, scaling up and developing your business is just a matter of time. Since we have discussed all the major points in this Adilo review, let’s also consider its use cases in brief.

SaaS Product Explainer

It only asks for a bit of personalization to elevate your SaaS product videos. Using interactive videos is a great way to facilitate two-way communication with clients and boost conversions.. And Adilo is an expert in it.

Customer Education

Utilize videos to educate people about your goods or services. Making in-depth videos that relate to your audience significantly increases customer engagement.


Create eye-catching videos for your e-commerce website in a matter of minutes. You can do this by incorporating immersive buttons and trigger-based workflows.

Blog Pages

Utilize videos to make blogs appear more engaging. By offering a visual experience, you can encourage readers to interact more with your blogs.

Landing Pages

Use interactive videos to bring life to landing pages. Captivate your website visitors and let them explore the magic of creativity.

Adilo Pros & Cons

Here we have listed the advantages and disadvantages that come with Adilo. Find them all in this Adilo review.

  • Along with Adilo video hosting, you can create and market your videos too.
  • You can create all types of videos with Adilo, including YouTube videos.
  • It has got a rating of 4.8 by Trust Pilot and has 500 plus 5-star reviews on Capterra. This makes it more trustworthy.
  • Adilo was also the best video hosting tool of 2021.
  • It is more affordable than any of its competitors.
  • It provides many premium features with free plans.
  • Adilo is user and beginner-friendly.
  • It is useful for both small and huge brands.
  • You can use it for professional or personal purposes, or both.
  • It comes with a highly efficient delivery network. It has a capacity of more than 70Tbps. 
  • It has adaptive streaming technology. It eliminates problems like buffering. 
  • Adilo has a unique feature of HD streaming. With this, you can set your videos to only play in HD resolution.
  • You can create your content libraries and channels.
  • You can utilize your favorite platform to collect gifts and donations on your channel (Paypal, Patreon, Ko-Fi, BuyMeACoffee, etc.)
  • The customer service is excellent. 
  • The road map is also very impressive. 

There aren’t many cons of Adilo. Yet, we’ve put some points in this Adilo review for you.

  • Organization can be messy at times. This is because each project lacks folders to organize the videos.
  • Adilo is a young company. Hence, there’s a lot of scope for improvement in functionality, and resources.

Adilo Alternatives

Not sure about going with Adilo? Not to worry. Because we’ve got some of the best alternatives for you in this Adilo review. Have a look:


Playstory-Adilo review

PlayStory is a secure video creation platform that lets you generate interactive videos. The videos made with PlayStory help you boost engagement, revenue, and conversions. It’s like adding some zing to your video marketing with PlayStory. Improving customer experience and connection is just so easy with this software. All thanks to the personalization approach you get with PlayStory. You can use it for enhancing your email marketing, blogs, e-commerce, SaaS product videos, landing pages, onboarding, and customer education.

You get one free and 3 paid plans with PlayStory:

  • Growth- $59/month  (monthly billing)
  • Pro- $99/month (monthly billing)
  • Enterprise- Customizable

Accelerate video marketing with PlayStory – Sign up!



RecCloud is a full-featured video creation platform. It allows companies and people to record, share, and even participate in video collaboration depending on their needs. Users of the platform can record their screen activity together with their voice or the system to produce engaging videos. RecCloud is great for both professional and personal use.

Pricing for RecCloud is:

  • Basic- $4.99/month
  • Plus- $5.99/month
  • Pro- $9.99/month



Bungee lets you transform your videos into marketing opportunities. It is a high-end video hosting service that allows your content to speak for itself. Without using any code, you can add a call to action, gather leads, and obtain insightful feedback in user videos. With Bungee, get ready to automatically pique the interest of your viewers and turn them into leads. Also, track impressions, clicks, and conversions for your videos. 

Bungee offers the following pricing models:

  • Free- $0
  • Starter- $9/month
  • Pro- $29/month

Go Limitless With Video Creating

We cannot press on the fact that video marketing tools has taken over the world already. It’s not about doing it anymore but being the best at it. However, people think that it’s costly and time-consuming. But after looking at this Adilo review, you might change your perspective on this one! 

Can we call Adilo the best video hosting tool of 2022? Well, not the best but one of the best, yes.

Adilo is one of the very affordable and secure video creators in the market right now. Getting it at the earliest can save you money and resources. There’s also no need to hire professional marketers and designers. This makes Adilo worthy for small brands. Talking about big brands, even they can save a bit here and there. Making an impact has never been easier. This is because Adilo comes with all those amazing features you need to do it. No more switching over different apps and tabs because you have Adilo. 

We hope this Adilo review was informative enough for you to make an informed decision. Kickstart your video marketing journey with Adilo today!


What is Adilo?

Adilo is a cloud-based platform. You can create and host videos with Adilo. Video marketing is possible with Adilo. It comes with all the features you need to optimize your videos and helps grow your brand.

How do you use Adilo?

Adilo is very easy to use. You just need to sign up and login into your account. After this, you’ll see the dashboard of features. You can explore them and use them according to your needs.

Is Adilo trustworthy?

Yes! Adilo is trustworthy. It has got a rating of 4.8 from Trust Pilot. And 500+ five-star reviews from Capterra. Creators, brands, marketers, educators, individuals, and teams worldwide use Adilo.

How can I contact Adilo for support?

Adilo will respond to your questions as soon as you send an email to [email protected] You can also contact live chat support by clicking the chat button at the bottom right corner of the Adilo website screen.

Can I create YouTube videos with Adilo?

Yes! Creating all types of videos is possible with Adilo. This also includes creating YouTube videos, social media videos, educational videos, presentation videos, and more. 

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