Boost your marketing funnel with highly converting interactive videos

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Getting viewers’ attention is tough with conventional linear videos, where there's nothing much beyond hitting the pause and fast-forward button. It’s tough (if not impossible) to fetch results using such old-school tactics. Presenting PlayStory, the ultimate video marketing tool that lets you create super-interactive videos with the click of a few buttons. It’s easy, it’s fun and most importantly, it drives results!


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Upload/Record Videos and Create personalized interactive videos in minutes.

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Create videos where the user interacts with your video. Generate higher engagement.

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Where to use: Website, Emails, Onboarding, Product Explainer, ecommerce and much more.

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Who can use: Marketers, Business Owner or anyone who would like to create engaging videos.

How can PlayStory help you?

Spice up your videos and give them a fresh lease of life with interaction.

PlayStory facilitates two-way communication. It lets you personalize videos by adding interactive elements such as questions, meeting links and external links. Simply put, it holds your audience even better than the likes of James Cameron (shhh, don’t tell him that)!

You can see a drastic upsurge in conversions when viewers don't just watch a video but take part in it. This shift from passive viewing to active participation can take the whole experience of watching the video to another level. As a result:

  • your viewers get the right blend of information and entertainment,
  • you get their undivided attention,
  • and your marketing funnel gets the right amount of boost it deserves

In addition to engaging viewers, PlayStory helps you understand your customers’ perceptions. You get to know their likes, dislikes and preferences by looking at PlayStory's analytics. You can even track the views and responses to understand how your video performs. In the long run, this will work in your favor as you can tweak your future video campaigns based on the viewers' responses. It would help gauge what kind of content resonates well with your target audience and probably build a more solid strategy around it.

Creating videos with PlayStory is also a fun and easy job! You begin by uploading videos or recording them using the tool and creating video clips. You can now add interactive elements to the clips with a simple drag-and-drop action within the editor. The best part is that there is absolutely no need for any technical expertise to use PlayStory. In fact, people from all walks of life can create videos with the tool. In a nutshell, it is child's play!

Once you finish creating your videos, PlayStory also lends a shoulder for the sharing part. You can easily share your video links with just about anyone in a few clicks. The same goes for embedding the videos on websites and creating video bubbles. Additionally, adding them to third-party website creation tools is literally a piece of cake. It doesn't require you to be a superman at programming!

Step up and embrace innovation to stay in sync with the changing times because going back is just not in existence! Equip yourself with a tool and completely change the way you create your videos and narrate your stories forever. Get ready to make a lasting impact on your audience with PlayStory, and never look back again!

Who is PlayStory for?

PlayStory is for anyone who wants to create interactive videos. It is particularly ideal for those who want to: -
  • Create SaaS explainer videos and give potential customers a complete product walk-through
  • Create videos for landing pages
  • Create in-depth videos
  • Educate customers about your product or service
  • Onboard a new user with customized videos
  • Complement blog content with interactive videos
  • Create engaging videos for your e-commerce website
  • Create interactive videos to boost your marketing communication initiatives

It’s the perfect tool for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and video marketers who are looking to simplify their task of creating gripping videos.

Integrate it with your existing marketing software to create engaging video content for your target audience.

Why choose PlayStory?

Still thinking if you should buy PlayStory? Here are a few points to help you decide: -

  • Helps narrate a story in the most compelling way so that you can communicate better with the target audience
  • Has a simple UI that makes it easy to use
  • Requires no technical knowledge
  • Increases engagement and lets viewers choose what they wish to watch


Here's what you get with PlayStory:

  • Drag & drop interactive video builder
  • Cloud Storage
  • In-built lead collection feature
  • Video uploader
  • Video recorder
  • HLS encryption for videos
  • Video bubble creator
  • In-video form creator
  • Shareable videos
  • Shareable links
  • Video embedding for third-party websites
  • Project collaboration
  • Multiple Projects creation


  • What is PlayStory?

    PlayStory is a SaaS tool that creates interactive videos for video marketing. You can add elements of personalization to your videos and increase customer engagement with the help of an improved watching experience.

  • What is an interactive video?

    An interactive video is one that interacts with viewers and accepts their inputs to change the course of the video. In short, it is like placing the controls of your video in the hands of the viewer.

  • Does PlayStory have a free plan?

    Yes, it does. You can enjoy using PlayStory for free with certain basic features such as uploading and recording videos, 500 MB storage, and adding unlimited team members.

  • Can I add team members to my PlayStory account?

    Yes, you can. PlayStory knows how important it is to include your team in the project when you are working collaboratively. That is why you can add as many team members as you want to your PlayStory account.


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